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26th October 2004

Tuesday - 10.00pm : This will be my last entry for a week. I'm sure most of you know what I'm up to. No? I'm going to London! James Marsters & David Boreanaz (and a whole host of other people) are going to be there over the weekend, so it's looking to be one hell off a Halloween weekend! I've got a suitcase full of film... Okay, I've got around 10 rolls. Think that will be enough?! (Well, just to be on the safe side!).

More Robbie news for you - He's been confirmed for the Live Aid 3 Christmas single, but he'll recording his part by satellite because he's going to be in Mexico when the rest of the artists will be recording the track. Also, Rob's 'Greatest Hits' album is officially the fastest selling album of 2004 in the UK, so far. It sold 320,000 copies in one week, beating the previous holder of the record, George Michael's 'Patience' which had sold almost 275,000 in it's first week on sale. It's also Robbie's fastest selling album ever, beating 'Sing When You’re Winning' by 6,500.

Going back to the subject of American's sexiest vamps - They're both going to be on GMTV here in the UK on Thursday. I'm getting my parents to video it for me (incase there isn't a TV in our hotel room)... Though I'm betting they don't record it or they record something else as I always have to record stuff for them! Also, the boys are going to be on TRL on MTV on Friday night.

It'll be Monday or Tuesday before I write here again, but beware... The next entry could in incredibly long! As usual, I'm sure I had more to tell you, but I have the memory of a goldfish. Thanks to Ben, Graeme, Skye (Yes, that is my cat, Mika, and I love him too!), Strizzt, Manu, SNiP and Mark (Weird, looks okay on my Firefox...).

R.I.P. DJ John Peel OBE.

24th October 2004

Sunday - 8.55pm : What do you think? This is what I've been doing with part of my weekend. I'm still working on bits & bobs of the website, but, as always, it's an on-going project. Anyway, let me know what you think!

What a weekend! (Of course, I know it's not going to match up to the going's-on of next weekend). Saturday morning, I got up and Dad & I headed off to Ikea in the West Midlands to pick up a new storage unit for my bedroom. Have you ever been to Ikea? You find what you want in the 'Showroom', write the number down and then go and find it downstairs. (Ikea is huge - They even provide you with a map if needed!).

Anyway, while Dad was getting the 3 large boxes (containing everything we needed to put the unit together) into the car, he suggested I go back in and get anything else I wanted. I went in with the aim of buying some transparent boxes to go in the storage unit. I went all over the store looking for what I wanted. I managed to find the right section, but not the item I was looking for. After what seemed like ages, I managed to find a member of staff to help me. She kindly informed me they had only got the red boxes available (which wouldn't really match my room). So I headed back to the car, picking up a couple of hot dogs and drinks on the way. I'm sure you could spend days in that place finding your way around!

We decided to put the unit together today. One problem - When Dad opened the boxes, he found we'd some how got 2 boxes containing the same contents, so we were missing half of what we needed. So, my parents ended up having to drive all the way back to Ikea (which is a journey of an hour & a half on a good day from here). 4 hours later, they returned and we set about building it. So I finally have some decent storage in my room, even though it seems to have made my bedroom look smaller. Sadly, the shelves aren't big enough to take my music system (triple CD, twin tape, radio & record player, plus speakers), but we've found a solution for that (in which my parents benefit!). They're going to have my music system *sniff* and they're going to buy me a mini one which will fit.

It's taking me ages to write this entry. There's 2 reasons... The 1st is that I'm drinking a mug of hot chocolate and the 2nd is that I'm watching Michael Palin's new Himalaya travel series. I'm going to have to rely on my parents to record it next Sunday for me as I'll be down in London. One slight problem is that I tend to have to help them record stuff, so I guess I'll see what happens when they attempt to do it on their own!

I've just checked the Official UK Albums Chart for this week and I'm sure you can guess who's number 1... Robbie Williams, of course! Looking at the top 10 albums, I own 4 of them (Robbie's album, Ronan Keating's hits album, Maroon 5's album and Scissor Sisters' album). I'm thinking of getting Green Day's latest album too (which is currently at #8 and I'm going to buy the album that is at #6 as a 'Thank You' for my parents.

Anyway, time is getting on and I've got plenty to get done before I go to bed. Blog archives and such will be back soon. Thanks go to Nadz, Maria, Miriam, Graeme, Mark, Ben and SNiP.

P.S. - I'm off to London on Wednesday until the following Monday, but I'll, hopefully, put another entry up before then.

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