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Homemade Banana Milkshake

Okay, so it's probably similar to a load of other peoples milkshakes, but I've not come across a nicer milkshake yet.

You will need the following:
A blender, a spoon, the largest glass/tumbler you can find, 1 or 2 bananas (depending on how much you want to make), ice cream (vanilla... although you can try different flavours) and milk (the full fat normal stuff preferably).

1 Cadbury's Flake and anything else you make wish to add.


Step 1... Peel the banana/s and break it/them into 3 or 4 bits before putting them into the blender. Turn the blender on and let it whizz around until the banana is well and truly blended. (Remember to turn off the blender).

Step 2... Take 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream and put in to the blender. (Note: Try doing this 1 scoop at a time, you don't want to break the blender! Plus it's quicker). Turn on the blender again and let it whizz around until the ice cream looks thick and is starting to resemble really thick milkshake. (Again, remember to turn off blender).

Step 3... Add a bit of milk. (Note: use a very small quantity, but this part is up to your own judgement and depends on how you like your milkshake). Once again turn on the blender and whizz it around, but only for a short time. Add a little more milk if needed (and of course whizz around again, plus remember to turn off the blender afterwards).

Step 4... Pour the milkshake from the blender and into the glass/tumbler. (Note: I often find I've made more than enough for it to all fit in one glass/tumbler).

Step 4a... (Optional step). Sprinkle on Cadbury's Flake.

Step 5... Drink the lovely homemade banana milkshake. (Note: The best part!).

So, if any of you out there decide to try out my homemade banana milkshake recipe or modify it in some way then please let me know by leaving a message in the guestbook. Enjoy!

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