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28th April 2005

Thursday - 2.15pm : There's plenty of things I should be getting on with right now (such as packing), but I thought I'd better write an entry here now since it'll be 2nd or 3rd May before I'm able to write here again. I am officially tired, but I've still got this weekend to enjoy! I can see why James Marsters drinks Red Bull by the bucketload now. Oh well, at least I don't go back to work until next Wednesday, so I can relax (or rather, sleep!) all day on Tuesday.

Yesterday was spent in Birmingham and I didn't get home until around 0.45am this morning. Sharon & I spent a few hours wandering around the shops and we ended up spending a fair amount of time in my favourite book shop, Borders (if only we had one nearer!). It's huge and includes a Starbucks (not that I like coffee!) and a Paperchase section. I'm a big fan of all things Paperchase - I managed to hold off buying a few things (since I didn't want to be dragging a load of bags with me to the gig in the evening), but did end up buying an arty selection of postcards (mainly featuring cats). We also found a branch of my favourite place to go for a drink/snack and that's Caffe Nero (their fruit drinks blended with ice are heaven!).

After hitting the shops, we headed to Bar Academy, one of the smallest gig venues I've ever been to. It was great though, it felt more like you were at a party with a band playing than being all squashed together like at most gigs (since there wasn't a huge number of people there). We had to wait quite a while for the first support act to come on stage, during which time I managed to spill my drink... Ooops!

Anyway, the first support act on was an indie band from Liverpool called L20. I quite enjoyed their performance. You can check out a couple of their songs on their website (I've already downloaded them).

The second support act was a band called Keiko (who have a good website - check it out!). They put on a great performance last night and the lead singer is pretty funny (which is always a bonus!). You can hear some of their music over at their website or on MySpace.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear all of My Girl Sleeps' set as we had to disappear at 10.45pm to catch our train, which was a bit disappointing. What we did see was great stuff and next time I aim to see them do the full set as I think they are a great band! I'd like to see them hitting the charts some day.

Tonight I'm off to college and then I'm off over to Glyn's ready for our early start down to London in the morning. Tomorrow night we're seeing James play at the Carling Academy in Islington and Saturday night we'll be seeing him at St. James' Church, Piccadilly. Then on Sunday and Monday it's off to Collectormania to see such people as Alexis Denisof, Anthony Head, Chris Barrie, Craig Charles (a favourite of mine), Danny John-Jules and, of course, James!

Before I forget, Robert Downey Jr's album, The Futurist, arrived yesterday. I've only had a chance to listen to it once though, but I think it's oretty good. I'd definitely recommend it!

Anyway, time for me to go pack, take a bath and what-not. Take care and I'll catch you in a few days. Thanks to Graeme (Everyone got a hug & a kiss, though I suspect the blokes got a handshake. I think he was going for some kind of world record!), Mandy (See you tomorrow!), Kimm, Natalie (Yep, I'm of to Collectormania too!), Mark (Yes), Zi, Maria (Luck has nothing to do with it, hard work and keeping an eye on certain websites does though!), Strizzt (I always have to travel, we're from the back of beyond!), Lissy (No luck involved!), Miss M and Nick (Cheers! I'm not really lucky though). See ya.


26th April 2005

Tuesday - 3.25pm : I'm home! I had a great time at James Marsters' album launch in Coventry last night! I shall tell you all about it...

We made it to Coventry in good time, but did end up doing the obligitory tour of the city (in other words, we got lost!). When we finally found a car park near to the venue (St Mary's Guildhall - a very beautiful place), we headed to a bar called Browns to grab some much needed food & drink and to meet up with some friends.

After a while, Glyn & I walked around to the Guildhall to see if Mandy was about. It turned out she too was taking the unofficial tour of Coventry, so we began to walk back to the bar. On the way back I glanced at a passing vehicle and looking back at me as a familiar face. I looked away and then back at it and sure enough it was James Marsters in his little tour bus.

Back at the bar (after a drink and toilet break), we decided we'd better head back to the Guildhall and join the queue, which is when Mandy arrived. We had a little exercise while waiting in the queue... We ended up having to shuffle back & forth a couple of times (the rumour was it would stop us getting deep vein thrombosis!). When the doors finally opened, the queue slowly moved forward. It took a bit of time to get in because everyone's tickets and bags had to be checked. We ended up just a few rows from the back, but it wasn't too bad because there was only around 170 people there.

Alex decided to pop to the toilet, but the queue for the Ladies was quite long. So since the Gents toilets were empty she popped in there. On exiting the toilets who should she meet but James, who was rushing to the toilet himself! (Ooops - I think she's now "Official Seat Warmer" for Mr Marsters!).

Oh, and I popped to the merchandise stall and bought James' new album, 'Civilized Man', for Gra, and the Halloween gig DVD for myself (which I'll watch when this week has all sunk in).

I really enjoyed listening to James singing & playing the guitar. It must take a lot of guts to go up on stage on your own and sing in front of an hall full of people who are watching your every move and listening to every note. He really pulled it off. This new album is a lot better than the stuff he did with Ghost of the Robot and I was quite impressed. He even played a song to us which he had written over the last couple of days - Now that takes guts! It was a good song too, I hope that will be on his next album (as from what he said last night, he's got around 7 songs already for the next album). I think he's doing a really good job considering is really just a sideline to his acting career.

When James had finished (and done his encore), he disappeared off to the side of the stage and we were told James would give us each a signed copy of the new album. So row by row people got up and joined a queue to get their CD. When it was our turn to join the queue, I could see why it was taking so long. We filed along and Steve Himber (James' manager) came along and gave us our CDs. My first thought was "I hope they've not run out of time!".

Just moments before I got to James, he yelled down the queue something like "We're going to have to hurry this along people!" and laughed. I bet he was having visions of still being there past midnight!

I stepped towards James, smiling, and he leaned forward wrapping his arms around me tightly and kissed me on the cheek! I didn't want to let go (who would?!). I think I was in dreamland for a while afterwards! I really hadn't expected that. It really topped the night off for me. He always takes the time for his fans though.

After a chat with some friends, it was back to the car. We headed back to Glyn's (where I stayed the night) for some pretty sweet dreams.

All in all, it was a great evening. How many other tickets give you an evening with one of your favourite people on stage, a signed CD and the tightest hug in the world with a kiss?!

If you don't hear from me by Thursday (when I plan to tell you about the My Girl Sleeps gig in Birmingham), then I won't be around until Monday evening or (most likely) Tuesday.

Thanks to Maria, SNiP, Lissy, Mark, Graeme, Me, Myself & I and Anja. Take care.

[Edit: I forgot to mention Lisa's hillarious Q & A session with James!]


24th April 2005

Sunday - 10.10pm : The album launch is tomorrow night and I can't wait! Who's album launch? James Marsters' launch for his 'Civilized Man' solo album. (Take a look at the new picture on his website and note the amount of Red Bull stacked up in the back of the bus. That man should front their advertising campaign!). I will try to find a spare moment sometime on Tuesday to tell you how the launch goes.

I was watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on CNBC Europe earlier (we get the show a week or so after the states) and Rob Thomas was on for the second night running. Last night he sang 'Lonely No More' and tonight he sang another song (which I can't remember the name of, but it was amazing). I definitely can't wait for Rob's album to arrive in the mail. All these albums coming my way makes me wish I had my old music system (tri-CD player) so I could just play 3 CDs back to back without changing them (I know, technology has moved on. I could just copy the albums to my PC and play them, but they wouldn't sound as good!).

So, I watched the F1 San Marino Grand Prix today. This was not the race I was hoping for...

It started off so well, what with Riakkonen being on Pole for the beginning of the race. He took off the line quickly and was easily 2 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack at the end of the 1st lap. But, just a few laps in and his car slowly started to die. The McLaren lost speed and slowly crawled to the pits, with the rest of the pack passing him one by one. Back at the pits, Kimmi Riakkonen, understandibly frustrated, climbed out of his car and threw his steering wheel into the air. Just minutes previous he'd been leading the race, but now it was over for him and he was going home with zero points. And yes, I was shouting at the TV as this happened! To sum up the race, the last few laps were fantastic what with Alonso racing over the finish line to win the race after doing a great job of holding back Schumacher in 2nd. Button followed them in 3rd. Coulthard unfortunately didn't make it into the points, he finished down in 13th, but it wasn't all bad... Wurz (McLaren's replacement driver for Montoya) finished in 4th. Overall it was a good race, it's just a pity my drivers had some bad luck.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I haven't had another nosebleed, which is good news, but my head still isn't feeling quite right although it's not as bad as it was. It's going to be difficult to get a Doctor's appointment for any time this week (since I'm so busy and trying to get an appointment at the best of times is difficult anyway), so I'm going to keep an eye on things and try and get an appointment for next week.

Anyway, I'd better get myself off to bed as I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Thanks to Mark, Miss M, Graeme, Me, Myself & I, Claire (Yes, James sings. He used to be in a band, but his solo stuff is better than that), Kati and Karen.

P.S. - I should be back with an entry on Tuesday, but if not then it will probably be Thursday before I'm able to write here. Failing that, it'll be a week on Tuesday!


23rd April 2005

Saturday - 7.00pm : I had a bit of a mini-drama here yesterday morning. I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for work. Just then I felt my nose running so grabbed a tissue, only to find out that I'd actually got a nosebleed! So half an hour or more and many wads of tissues later, I'd managed to get it to stop so that I could actually get ready for work. I got Dad to phone work just as I was leaving, so he could let them know I was going to be late. I made it in at 9.15am, so it wasn't too bad as I was only quarter of an hour late.

It's all a bit worrying though as this nose bleed has come after a week where I've had some pretty bad headaches (especially on the left side of my head). Since the nosebleed, my head has felt either as if my brain is about to explode or as if somebody is squeezing my head. Of course, it's the weekend so there's no chance of getting an appointment with a doctor. I just hope I feel better by Monday afternoon as I'm off to see James Marsters in the evening for his album launch in Coventry (not that anything will stop me from going).

I popped to town this afternoon, after the F1 San Marino Grand Prix Qualifying (more about that later). I wanted to rent a couple of DVDs. I ended up getting Without A Paddle (starring Seth Green and Matthew Lillard) and Shadow of Fear (starring Matthew Davis and James Spader). I managed to stop myself from actually buying any DVDs or CDs this time. However, I did buy myself a couple of tops.

So, back to the Grand Prix Qualifying. My McLaren boy, Kimi Raikkonen, managed to put himself on Pole! So I'm hoping he can beat Alonso and Schumacher into the first corner. I'm also hoping that Alonso keeps Schumacher behind him. Button put himself 5th on the grid (let's hope that Honda engine lasts the race this time!), while my Red Bull Racing driver, David Coulthard, got to 14th on the grid (hopefully he'll move up through the pack during the race). So while the race is on tomorrow, you can expect me to be jumping up & down and talking/shouting to the TV, as is usual for me during a race!

[Edit: Obviously, the grid line up has changed since that was Qualifying 1. The results of Qualifying 2 mean that Raikkonen is still on Pole, Alonso in 2nd, Button is 3rd on the grid, Schumacher is now down in 13th, with Coulthard behind him in 14th.]

No work for me now until 4th May. I so deserve this time off work. I've been looking forward to it for ages now, but I suspect it will feel like I need another week off just to recover from it all (You can see my schedule in the *Noteworthy* to the side there).

I've got a few CDs on their way to me at the moment. 'Something To Be' by Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox Twenty) was released on 19th April in the States, so my copy should be here by the middle of this coming week. I ordered Mark Owen's new album, 'How The Mighty Fall', from Amazon UK, since I couldn't find it in the shops in town. What else? Oh yes, I ordered 'The Futurist', Robert Downey Jr's album, last night. I had been undecided about buying it, that was until I saw him on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' when he sang 'Man Like Me'. Plus I'll be getting James Marsters' new album on Monday at the album launch.

Anyway, there's something on the TV that I want to watch at 8pm, so I'm going to leave you with my thanks to these people: Maria, Mandy, Zi, Graeme, Evamaria, Mark, Sonia, Stephen (Hey stranger!), Danielle, Xtel and Karla Mae.


19th April 2005

Tuesday - 10.15pm : Right now I should be listening to Mark Owen's new album, How The Mighty Fall, but could I find it in our local shops? No. So I've ended up ordering it online after all. Weirdly enough, I've just checked the Woolworths website and they've got the release date as 25th April, but it was released yesterday. Hmmm... You'd think these people would get things right.

Talking about music... As you might know, I'm going to see Will Young in July. Well, my parents have been having a laugh at my expense! You may wonder what this has to do with Will Young... I shall tell you. At the end of Will's gig at The Quarry in Shrewsbury, there is going to be a big firework display. The last time I saw a firework display at that very place was around 17 years ago. I pestered and pestered my parents to take us to see the fireworks up close as I was fascinated by them. So they paid for us all (my parents, my brother & I) to go in. No more than 5 minutes later, the noisy fireworks started and I threw a fit. I couldn't stand the loud bangs and I wanted out already. So after a few tears and more pestering, my parents took us out of the park and to watch the fireworks from a safe distance (around half a mile away!). And I've never been allowed to forget it! So 17 years later I will be braving those fireworks, but I'm fine with them now so that's okay.

On to books... My dad has finally finished reading Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman (He had the book for Christmas, whereas I had the DVDs). So I'm borrowing the book and I'm hoping to get through it before Jim Butcher's Dead Beat arrives in a couple of weeks or so, but since I'm so busy next week I guess I'd better get a move on.

Now on to movies... Saturday afternoon I ended up renting Control and I have to say that I made a good choice. I really enjoyed watching it. It stars Ray Liotta as a sociopath sentenced to death, but Willem Dafoe's character gives him a chance to live, but only if he takes part in chemical behavioural modification tests. I thought the story moved a little too fast at one point, but on the whole I think it's a good film and would recommend watching it. Both Ray Liotta and Willem Dafoe do a great job as actors.

Another movies I watched over the weekend was Shallow Grave, starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston and Kerry Fox and by the Trainspotting people 2 years previous. It's a classic film, but I have to say that the ending was my favourite part (and not because it was the end of the movie!). There is a big debate about the ending of the film as to whether or not a certain character is actually alive or dead. I'm not entirely sure if said character is dead or alive, but I do think the character is more likely to be dead than alive. So if I had to give a definitely "alive or dead?" answer, I'd say dead. I'm sure those who have seen the movie know what I mean, if so, do you think the character is dead or alive? (Answers without revealing information on who it is, please! - Just in case people haven't seen it).

That's all from me for tonight. Thanks to Graeme, Miss M, Mark, Claire ("Floppy bloke"? I've never heard him being described as that before!), Xtel, Charizma, Kati, Lissy, Karla Mae, Sonia, Meredith and Danielle.


16th April 2005

Saturday - 1.35pm : How typical! I'm planning to go to Thunder at the Rock one Sunday this year. The first one of the season is 1st May - the day I'll be heading from London to Milton Keynes for a couple of events. So guess who's performing on the music stage there that day? Only Mark Owen and 80's band Go West! Typical. I guess that's what I get for cramming my week full of stuff. Ah well, at least I got to see Mark on stage a couple of weeks ago, but it would have been a great day to have seen all the racing and such, and then to have seen both Mark and Go West on stage. Ah well, I'll have to wait and see what's on for the rest of the Thunder at the Rock season.

Something else I want to go and see is 'NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience' at Birmingham's IMAX cinema. Not only am I interesting in it because of it being motorsport, but also because Kiefer Sutherland narrates it (and I'm sure you know I'm a big fan of his!).

I'm going to pop to town in a bit to rent a DVD or two, but I haven't a clue what yet. I'm just having a look at Choices website to see what's out to rent at the moment. Without A Paddle (starring Seth Green and Matthew Lillard) is out on Monday, so I might rent that next weekend. Anyway, I'm sure I'll find one or two DVDs at the store to rent, whether it's a new release or an older one.

I have nothing planned for the rest of today and tomorrow, other than watching a DVD and getting some work done. Yes, I've brought some work home with me as I have so much of it do to. Having just over a week off work at the end of the month isn't going to help my work load, but it will help my stress levels. Yes, this one-time stressless person, so laid back that she'd have fallen over if she had have been any more laid back, is now a stresshead. That's what work does to you, people!

Anyway, I'm off to town. Thanks to Graeme, Sonia, Maria and Suzanne. Take care.


13th April 2005

Wednesday - 11.05pm : I've been meaning to update this for a few days now, but I just haven't had time. I'm just so busy at the moment, I even had to bring some work home with me this evening as I've got that much to do. (I definitely can't wait until my week off at the end of the month).

A CD arrived in the mail today, it's 'Yes', a debut album by Do Me Bad Things. They're a fabulous band on the same label as The Darkness. They're certainly not your average band. I came across them while they were supporting The Darkness on tour in December of last year. My favourite song is their current single, 'What's Hideous' (which is being played on radio stations across the UK). It's the one that stuck in my mind after seeing them play live. Unfortuntely, I missed them play the Birmingham Academy the night before Mark Owen was there, but hopefully I'll catch them next time around.

I've booked the tickets for My Girl Sleeps in Birmingham in 2 weeks time. I can't wait to see them again! A friend and I are going to spend a little time looking around the shops in the afternoon, before getting something to eat and going to the gig. So all in all it should be a great day. I've got that entire week booked off, so I won't have to worry about getting up early the next morning either. (I think I'm going to be taking a lot of photos that week!).

Before I go, I've added a new page to my website. It's just my rough guide to Toronto & Niagara (Canada) and it can be found in the Misc. section. I think the next travel page I'll add will be about London, if/when I get the time.

Thanks to Mark, SNiP, Graeme, Miss M, Maria, Karla Mae and Skye. Take care.


9th April 2005

Mark @ Birmingham Academy 2 - April 2005Saturday - 10.45pm : I got some photos developed today. Half of them are from Mark's gig in Birmingham last weekend and the other half is an assortment of cats (both Mika & the neighbour's), Dad's car and the garden etc - anything to get the film finished and developed. (I'm impatient when it comes to getting films developed, it's a miracle I managed to wait a week to get this one developed). Anyway, that's Mark to the right there.

I took a wander around Shrewsbury while I was waiting for the photos to be developed this afternoon. The market square was packed with stalls from all over Europe, which quite surprised me. The variety of stalls were selling all sorts from crepes, paella, biscuits, sweets and cheeses to bags, clothes, plants and jewellery. The smell of the different foods drew you to the stalls and the products on display just set it apart from your average British market. I ended up buying a bag from a French man on one of the stalls. I hope the European market is a regular thing there and not just a one off, because I'd like to go back and try out some of the foods they'd got on sale. I managed to resist buying anything from the sweet stalls, otherwise I'd have ended up coming hope with balls full of sweets.

I've not long finished watching Tears of the Sun (starring Bruce Willis). I thought it was a good film, certainly one that pulls at the heart-strings quite a few parts. Set in Africa, this war film manages to do it without resorting to a load of blood & guts slipping and splashing all over the place.

Anyway, that's all from me. Thanks to Mark (It's wasn't you who removed the spindles, was it? I have nightmares about lifts, mainly about them plummeting to the ground with me in them, so I certainly hope I never get stuck in one!), Skye, Maria, Graeme, Danielle, Mandy (Diddy Man Dickie Mint was there!), Leslie and Kati. Take care.


5th April 2005

Tuesday - 10.05pm : Sorry to those of you who visited on Sunday (after I posted here) and the early hours of Monday and found an error message. I couldn't access it myself for around 12 hours. The web server must have had some gremlins or something, but it all seems to have been fixed now, so no worries.

I mentioned seeing My Girl Sleeps as a support act on Saturday night. Well, I'm totally hooked on their music! I played a couple of their songs (which can be found in the Back Catalogue section of their website) to a friend and the pair of us have decided to go and see them play at Bar Academy in Birmingham at the end of April (The same week as I see James Marsters. So that's now 3 gigs and 1 album launch I'll be going to in 1 week). I took a couple of photos of My Girl Sleeps on Saturday night, so if they come out okay I might put a couple up here. I can't rave enough about this band!

Went and played squash again last night. We're definitely ranked as beginners, but it's still fun. What's even funnier is that last night we got trapped in the squash court! The doors have small round handles that lie flat in the door. To open the door, you lift up the handle and pull. Well, that's what we did, but could we get that door open? No. My friend tried, I tried, my friend tried again and we were in fits of laughter (which made it even harder to open the door). She asked if we should shout to the men in the other squash court and get them to open the door from the other side, but, not being one for being defeated, I said no. (Anyway, I wasn't about to be embarrassed... I mean, who gets stuff in a squash court? Apart from us, I mean!). That would be a last resort. Anyway, we tried once more. This time my friend resorted to putting her foot up on the wall and pushing herself away from it while pulling at the door. Finally it opened and no embarrassment.

Funnily enough, that isn't the first time we've been stuck in a room together! Can you believe it? I'm just waiting for a third time! Four and a half years ago, we were at work and everyone else was out of the office. Lunch time arrived so we decided to head out. Only when my friend pulled on the door handle it came off in her hand! No amount of trying to put it back on was going to help. In the end we had to resort to phoning another business on our floor and getting somebody to come and open the door from the other side. Looks like neither of us has much luck with door handles, to be honest.

Anyway, that's all from me folks. just make sure you check out My Girl Sleeps' website and their MySpace site (where you can listen to their music). Which reminds me, are any of you on MySpace? If so, you can find me there.

Thanks to Mark, Graeme, Ben, Sonia, Strizzt and Danielle.


3rd April 2005

Sunday - 1.00am : Tired again! (But to be honest, when aren't I?!). I made it home before midnight last night, so I'm not as tired as I usually am after going to see a gig (since it's nearly a 2 hour journey - depending on traffic - to the centre of Birmingham from here). I don't know how the guys on stage can do it most nights!

I reached Birmingham around 4.15pm yesterday and, after getting a drink from MaccyD's, joined the queue at Birmingham's Carling Academy 2. (There was probably around 30 people queuing already). While talking to a couple of Irish girls in the queue (Thanks for the candy bracelet, girls!), we spotted none other than Mark Owen (that's who we were there to see!) across the street. He looked over and we all waved, so he smiled and waved back. (A decade ago this guy would have been mobbed! In the early & mid nineties he was known as the cutest man in pop music. He's Robbie Williams' ex-band mate, for those of you not in the know). Anyway, a couple of girls followed him up the street (a few metres behind) and saw him get into a taxi. I'm guessing he didn't come back until we were all inside.

The doors opened at 7pm and we all piled in. I managed to secure myself a place by the barrier (something to lean on!) at the front but to the side of the stage a little. (I have to say that this was the smallest gig I've ever been to, not including seeing friends play pub gigs).

The first support act on stage was Circlesound, a band from Manchester. They were okay and I certainly wouldn't mind hearing their music on the radio. One of their songs, 'Painkiller', was written about the lead singer's addiction to, you've got it, painkillers.

The second support act, My Girl Sleeps, has already secured me as a fan. They played some great songs last night, such as 'True horror is a Tom & Jerry cartoon flick' (What a name for a song!), and the crowd truly loved them. I'm predicting big things for these guys. I bought their album and EP from a couple of the guys (Lance the drummer and Dan the bassist) and I'm hoping to see them getting picked up in mainstream music. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them live again. I see that they've played Wolverhampton a few times, so maybe I'll get to see them there. Anyway, head over to their website and listen to some of their songs. I'd definitely recommend them.

Mark Owen arrived on stage to an excited audience. I've not seen him live since I saw him in Wolverhampton in October 1997, so it was great to see him on stage again. He sang songs from his new album, How The Mighty Fall (due out on 18th April), as well as songs from his previous albums, Green Man and In Your Own Time. Everyone sang along to the older songs such as Clementine and Four Minute Warning (2 favourites of mine). I'm guessing a number of people in the audience have been to previous gigs on this tour as a few people around me seemed to sing along to all of the songs, including the new ones. I'm looking forward to getting the new album myself. Anyway, it was a good gig and it looks like Mark could be touring again later on this year.

That's about it from me for now. I have got more to say, on a different subject, but I'll leave that for another time as I think this entry is long enough. I'm off to continue watching the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix.

Thanks to Graeme, Liza Marie, Me, Myself & I, Mark, Adam, SNiP, Lissy, Karla Mae and Danielle.


1st April 2005

Friday - 7.40pm : I am so tired! I have good reason to be too. Why? Well, last night I went to see Ken Dodd (a British comedian who's been at it for 50 years now) at our local theatre. He's notorious for staying on stage for hours, so it's best to make yourself comfortable. He always says you've no need for a taxi or a bus (because there won't be any by the time he gets off stage), your best bet is to catch the milk float! Last night he started at around 7.30pm and didn't let us go home until 1.10am! (Although there was an interval at 10.30pm - Huge queues for the toilets at that point! - and 2 support acts who were on for around 15 minutes each). Still... It was 1.30am by the time I got home and 2am by the time I got into bed. The alarm ringing at 7.30am wasn't a welcome sound.

I've been to see Ken Dodd a couple of times before. The first time, when I was around 7, I ended up having to go up on stage with a few other kids and since Yellow Submarine - But the less said about that the better!

I'm having an evening of rest tonight. Jim Butcher's Grave Peril audiobook arrived yesterday, so I may sit back and listen to that for a bit (I know, I read the book ages ago... Still, James Marsters is reading it and Jim's books are great, so I think that's reason enough!).

Tomorrow I'll be going to see Mark Owen in Birmingham, so I won't be back here until the very early hours of Sunday morning. No lie-in for me on Sunday though, there's an F1 Grand Prix to watch. I don't think I've seen Mark on stage since 1997 (hopefully I won't fall over and smack my shoulder on the pavement beforehand this time!).

Did anyone get caught out by April Fool's Day? I didn't. I learnt my lesson in 1998 when I, along with half of my college class, got named & shamed on our college website's front page for being a fool. Anyway, GMTV (one of Britain's breakfast TV shows) tried to outwit their viewers again, this year with "naturally produced fruit-flavoured milk". I wonder how many people fell for it. Last year they come up with "diet water", I know at least one person who fell for that one (and it wasn't me!). Google played their own joke - Google Gulp.

I was listening to Radio 1 today when I heard a familiar song. It was none other than "What's Hideous" by Do Me Bad Things. I'm so glad they're getting airplay now. I saw them support The Darkness last December. They're certainly not your avereage band. Check them out if you have a chance! I've already pre-ordered their debut album.

Right then, time to get going. Thanks to Kimm, Mari, Me, Myself & I, Graeme, Liza Marie, Danielle, Maria, Ghracena, Xtel, Miss M, Brydee, Mark and Sonia.

P.S. - Thanks for the Easter info.


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