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30th August 2005

Tuesday - 9.30pm : My granddad's party went very well. He had quite a few presents and I've never seen so many birthday cards! He thought it was just close family coming to see him and maybe one or two others dropping by, but we surprised him with quite a few people. There was plenty of food & drink and I'm sure everyone had a good time. I know my nan certainly had her fair share of wine at one point. Of course, I got the usual comments... "Ohhh, I've not seen you since you were this high!". I just smiled politely!

I watched Wimbledon (I just want to sing The Wombles theme tune whenever I hear "Wimbledon"!) on Sunday night. The lovely Paul Bettany plays a pro tennis player who has lost his ambition, but then he meets an up & coming female player who helps him gain his focus. It's a good romantic comedy and definitely one I'd watch again.

Does anyone remember the movie Duel? I recently got it on DVD and I watched it countless times when I was younger. It made me scared of trucks for a while! It's an early Spielberg film, but without all the special effects. It's what the term "psycological thriller" was made for!

Anyway, Ewan McGregor is on the telly talking about his around the world trip with Charley Boorman, so I'm off to watch that. Thanks to Karen, Katie, Graeme, Andrea, Liza Marie, Danielle, Melly and Mandy.

P.S. - Happy Birthday to Kim!


28th August 2005

Sunday - 6.15pm : I've just finished off a lovely scone with strawberry jam. It's Granddad's 80th birthday party tomorrow, so Mum has been busy doing some baking. We've now got a kitchen full of goodies such as scones, coconut ice, cakes and stuff. It all smells so delicious!

Yesterday was spent getting various food stuff for the party tomorrow and today I popped into town to pick up a present for Granddad. He likes his gardening so I've got him some vouchers to spend at a gardening centre and a "Solar Gnome" (a garden gnome holding a solar light). I just hope he likes them. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I'll be taking my camera to the party (of course), so I can get a few shots of everyone for my grandparents.

Robbie Williams has finally confirmed the details of his next album. The album, due to be released on 24th October, will be called 'Intensive Care'. The first single, 'Tripping', will be released on 3rd October and radio airplay of the single will begin in a little over a week. I can't wait! I've waited so long to hear some new material from the bloke from Stoke and it'll soon be here.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Wimbledon (the movie). Thanks to Graeme, Karen, Enigma, Mark, Andrea, Liza Marie (Yes, Robbie was in Take That), Melly (Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chicken & Pineapple, Egg Fried Rice, Chow Mein), Nick (Telford Shopping Centre), Mandy (Gary Barlow?) and Maria (We'll see!).


25th August 2005

Thursday - 8.25pm : What a day! My dad left the house early this morning and is now in the Isle of Man for a week and a half. I got up just as he was leaving and Mum & I headed to Shrewsbury so I could pick up my new glasses from the opticians. When we got there we discovered they didn't open until 10am, so having 45 minutes to spare we walked around the town picking up some bits & bobs for my granddad's 80th birthday party on Monday. Having finally picked up my glasses we headed over to Telford.

Mark OwenWhat a coincidence! Mark Owen was in Telford too! He was launching the new HMV store in the shopping centre and doing a bit of a gig there. I didn't stop for the gig, but I did stay long enough to meet him and get him to autograph his new single for me. A decade ago I was a big Take That fan and dreamed of meeting them (as did most teenage girls at the time). 1 down and 4 to go... as if! Still, he's a very nice chap, took time to talk to everyone and didn't mind photos being taken.

We popped into a few shops afterwards and to my aunty's before heading home. On the way home the heavens opened, resulting in not one but two rainbows. Since I had my camera in my bag I just had to stop and take a few photos. I've uploaded them to my Flickr account if you want to see them.

So a Chinese take-away later and here I am. Thanks to Lisa E, Graeme, Karen (I was joking about the hearing test), Andrea, Donatienne (Yes, I have seen Sling Blade and I thought it was a great film) and Katie.


23rd August 2005

Tuesday - 7.25pm : Another medical appointment today. This time it was the dentist's turn to extract money out of me. Thankfully there was no tooth extractions being done! My wisdoms don't need to come out now until at least next March, but I'm still £70 lighter. All I'm missing now is a hearing test, but I don't think I'll be having one of those just yet, despite probably needing one!

I watched Levity on Sunday evening. It's about a man (played by Billy Bob Thornton) seeking redemption after a jail sentence for killing a teenager during a convenience store robbery. It was an interesting film and well worth watching. After all, can somebody really redeem themselves after murdering somebody?

A couple of friends saw Serenity at the Edinburgh International Film Festival yesterday and the comments I've had back from them are "Amazing!" and "Fooking amazing!". Even the Telegraph newspaper has raved about it, saying "Serenity delivers all the thrills, spills and eye-popping explosions one could demand of a big studio blockbuster" and all that despite not having a major Hollywood cast. I'll definitely be going to see it. Hopefully it'll be a big hit when it comes out at the cinemas. So you lot better'd go and see it, right?!

Anyway, that's all from me. Thanks to Karen, Claudia, Lisa E, Graeme, Mark, Me, Myself & I, SNiP, Miss M, Melly, Margaret, Nick, Mandy and Andrea.


21st August 2005

Sunday - 3.15pm : Another week has been and gone and the weekend is nearly over too. I'm sure the older I get the faster time flies!

I had an appointment at the opticians yesterday morning. I didn't realise they had a policy of trying to blind people! The first thing they did was to sit me at this machine that puffed air into my eyes 6 times, causing me to jump each time. I could barely see by the time they'd finished, my eyes were running so much. Not too much of a difference in my eyes since my previous appointment 2 years ago, but it seems that my right eye has gone long sighted. My optician thinks it's due to having to do detailed work on a PC screen and she's probably right. So I walked out of there with my bank account over £100 lighter than it had been when I walked in. I've got to pick up my new glasses anytime after Wednesday, so I'll pick them up on my way to Telford on Thursday.

While I was in Shrewsbury I decided to head over to Gamezone to pick up a new controller for my PS2. I couldn't resist having a quick browse through the games and 1 or 2 of them grabbed my attention, but I ended up grabbing Burnout 3. What better than to try out a new controller with a new game? Burnout 3 maybe a year or so old now, but it's a fantastic game. I don't play on the PS2 much, but yesterday afternoon I played until I got cramp in one hand and both hands were practically shaking by the time I'd finished. The graphics are amazing and the game play and action are thrilling. It's addictive an I might just have another play once I've finished this.

From racing Burnout style to racing F1 style... It was the F1 Turkish Grand Prix today. It should have been a McLaren 1 - 2 finish, but Montoya just couldn't keep his car on track during the final laps and Alsono raced past pushing Montoya down to 3rd. So Kimi Räikkönen has only managed to close the gap by 2 points from Alonso, rather than the 4 he would have had done if Montoya had finished 2nd. Kimi now only has 5 races in which to reduce the 24 point gap and catch Alonso. It can be done, but it's going to be very difficult!

Slipping back into my usual weekend routine, I rented 2 DVDs yesterday afternoon. The 1st being Meet The Fockers. I watched it last night and it lived up to expectations. Funny and well worth watching. I'm not sure if I prefered this one or the first (Meet The Parents), but still a great film with a brilliant cast (Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, and even Owen Wilson makes a brief appearance).

The 2nd DVD I picked up was Levity - It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter and Kirsten Dunst. From what I've read, it's about a man seeking redeption after a life sentence for murdering a teenager. I'll watch it sometime this evening as I've got to take the DVDs back tomorrow.

Thanks for commenting go to Graeme, Karen, Mark, Lisa E, Andrea (I took the flower photos with my film SLR camera, but I do have a digital camera too), Me, Myself & I, Danielle, Mandy, Lissy, Skye, Ghracena and Katie-in-Seattle (Possibly. I guess it depends on what's done to the pictures).


17th August 2005

Wednesday - 9.15pm : I'm tired. I know, there's nothing new there. This time there's a good reason though. I got no sleep on Saturday night. Somebody snored ALL NIGHT, so I didn't get any sleep, but never mind. Lots of Malibu & Coke was consumed... by one of us more than the other.

FlowerI did a little scanning on Sunday afternoon (whilst trying to keep my eyes open - maybe sitting at a PC for a couple of hours wasn't the best of ideas). I've uploaded a handful of the flower photos I took in my neighbour's garden last week. So if you'd like to see them then you can find them over at my Flickr account. Let me know what you think...

3 packages arrived in the mail today. I was naughty last week and ordered 3 DVDs from Play. Well they were in their 3 for £20 offer! I chose A Life Less Ordinary, Philadelphia and Grosse Pointe Blank. I've also got a 2 for 1 rental voucher for Choices to use before the end of the month, so I'm not short of any DVD entertainment for the rest of this month!

Talking of DVDs... I've just got one more episode of Firefly to go. I can't believe Fox cancelled it. Never mind, the Serenity movie is out September/October and I'll definitely be going to see that. I had thought about going to the preview being shown in Birmingham next week, but I thought a little too long and the tickets were all snapped up. A couple of friends are off up to the Edinburgh International Film Festival to go to the Premier and other Serenity-related events. Joss Whedon will be there and I've heard the cast of the movie will be there too! So I'll be expecting to hear all about that when they come back.

I know it's currently mid-week, but plans for my week or so ahead include visiting the optician and the dentist, watching the F1 Turkish Grand Prix, going out for a drink and going to Telford for the day, plus work, of course.

Anyway, that's all from me. Thanks go out to Kati, Lisa E, Graeme, Margaret, Karen, Andrea, Mark, Jaki, Nick, Skye, Strizzt and Liza Marie. Take care.


13th August 2005

Saturday - 3.50pm : Thursday evening was fantastic! A group of us went to see Lee Evans do his stand-up comedy show at our local theatre. He was using it as a warm-up show for his new tour, so we got to hear a lot of his new material. It was a laugh a minute (You know it's good when you can barely breathe after laughing so much!) and he even got a laugh every time he giggled (so funny!). He moves around so much and the sweat just pours off him. I think he gets quite nervous up there on stage and who can blame him. After a request, he finished off the show by miming to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which is just hilarious! Well worth seeing and I'd most definitely go and see him again.

I went to town earlier just to get a couple of things. I couldn't resist popping into a shop just for a look around and I ended up spending £65 on clothes! I bought a pair of black trousers, a t-shirt, a short sleeve shirt and a zip-up top. No more spending for me this month. I've got to go and see the optician and the dentist towards the end of the month, I've already got some DVDs & a CD pre-ordered and Lisa is coming to see me on the Bank Holiday weekend. Oh well, just another couple of weeks until I get paid.

Shockingly, I haven't rented any DVDs this weekend either! I've been watching the Firefly DVDs in preparation for when the Serenity movie is released. Anyway, I don't think I'll really have time to watch any DVDs tonight as I'm expecting a friend around this evening.

If I've got time I'll scan some more photos in either later on or sometime tomorrow, but that's it from me for now. Thanks for comments go out to Lisa E, Mark, Vera, Andrea, Margaret, Graeme and Mandy.


10th August 2005

Wednesday - 10.15pm : It's mid-week and I'm looking forward to the weekend already! I don't have much planned for the weekend, apart from a friend visiting on Saturday night, should be good.

I had my photos developed today. I've scanned in a handful of photos this evening and you can see some of the Rockingham ones from Sunday here. A larger version of the Rose photo can be found at my Flickr account. As always, thoughts apprieciated! I might scan some more photos in over the weekend, who knows.

I'm going to the local theatre to see Lee Evans tomorrow night. It's guaranteed to be a great laugh. Lee is a British stand-up comedian and an actor (some of you might have seen him in There's Something About Mary). I'll tell you all about it either tomorrow (depending what time it finishes) or Friday night.

Anyway, it's just a short entry from me tonight. I'll leave you with my thanks to Lisa E, Karen, Mark, Maria, Danielle, Andrea, Graeme, Miss M and Mandy for commenting. Take care.


8th August 2005

Monday - 10.25pm : I'm tired, but there's nothing new there! No time to fall asleep after work this evening though. After getting changed and having a quick bite to eat, I had to head back into town as I was meeting a friend at the cinema.

We went to see Wedding Crashers. It was showing in screen 2 at the cinema in town... It's possibly a contender for the 'Smallest Cinema Screen' award! (To give you an idea of it, there's only 6 seats in each row). We sat 3 rows from the front (but that's only around 4 from the back!) and I ended up having a girl sat next to me who was a contender for the 'Female With Loudest Laugh' award. I wouldn't have minded so much, but she'd laugh when things weren't funny. Anyway... Wedding Crashers was great! It's a easy going and funny movie - Well worth going to see. Owen Wilson usually guarantees a good film and this one certainly is.

I went to Rockingham yesterday. It was a 280 mile round trip, but it was well worth it. We got to see some great racing, a few spills and thrills, the drivers & teams up-close and all sorts. The memory card in my digital camera messed up again (but the damned thing is working fine now - typical!), so it's a good thing I took my trusty film SLR camera too. I've never seen so many yellow flag laps in my entire life, but the commentator provided us with some amusement for the duration. I'll put some photos up here when I get them developed.

Another thing that made the day even more fun was being able to support somebody during the truck racing. One of the drivers was a woman called Kelly-Jayne Wells... So obviously I had to support her! She's fast and battled for first place throughout one of the races. She's well worth keeping an eye on.

Tip: When putting sunblock on your arms, remember to put it on your face too! Yes, I went to Rockingham and sunburnt my face, despite it being cloudy. So I had to go to work this morning with a bright red face! I think it's calming down a bit now, it's still stinging though. It's certainly not as bad as it was 2 years ago when I hands, arms, neck & face swelled up!

Time to get going. Thanks to Lisa E, Graeme, Liza Marie, Karen, Suzanne, Andrea, Mandy, Xtel, Margaret and Lissy.


4th August 2005

Thursday - 8.40pm : It's August already! Today's my cousin's 17th birthday and in a few days time it'll be my brother's 1st wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem all that long ago since they got married, although they were very much like an old married couple before they got married! But don't tell them I said that...

I popped to town to see my friend Kim last night. We spent the best of 3 hours having a good old catch-up as we've not seem much of each other over the last year, despite living just 3 miles apart! She's moving to a new place (not far from where I work) soon and it's her birthday at the end of the month, so we'll be definitely seeing each other again soon. I've told her we'll have to have a bit of a girly night sometime with some DVDs and take-away... though her other half is welcome to join us! We've not done that for a few years.

I should have some photos to show you by Sunday evening (maybe Monday, depending how late I get home). On Sunday I'm going to Thunder Sunday at Rockingham. I've found out that Herbie is going to be there too (I loved that car in the original movies!), so I'll definitely try and get some shots of that. Rooster are going to be on the live stage, so I'll definiately be hoping to get some shots of them. Of course, there'll be the racing too. Plenty of photo opportunities. I had a fantastic time the last time I went.

I'll be home along for msot of Saturday so no doubt I'll be popping into town and renting a DVD or two from Choices, I haven't a clue what yet though. The plan on Monday is to to to the cinema to see Wedding Crashers, so that should be a laugh. I'm a bit of a fan of Owen Wilson's!

Anyway, I'm off to watch The Catherine Tate Show now, so take care. Thanks to Karen, Kati, Graeme, Andrea, Lisa E, Skye, Melly (Thanks!), Miss M, Mandy I saw Minardi's 2-seater cars race a couple of years ago), Ghracena, Strizzt, Liza Marie (Sounds great!) and Nick.


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