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27th August 2006

Sunday - 10.25pm : It's been a quiet Bank Holiday weekend for me so far (apart from shouting at the TV during the Turkish F1 Grand Prix today) and tomorrow is looking like it'll be a quiet day too. It's nice to have a quiet weekend once in a while - I seem to have been quite busy this year what with concerts and everything.

I watched a film this morning which brought back some childhood memories. The film was called Song of the South. If you've not heard of the film (it was made way back in 1946), I'm sure you'll have heard of the Br'er Rabbit stories. The film is partially animated and has a character called Uncle Remus telling the Br'er Rabbit stories to a young boy. As a child I loved the stories and would beg my parents to read from my Br'er Rabbit book at bedtime. They went through it with my brother and with me, so as soon as I could read I'd be encouraged to read the book myself rather than my parents reading it to me. They would happily go through life never hearing the words Br'er Rabbit ever again! I have to say I don't think I've ever read a book as many times as I've read the Br'er Rabbit stories.

Another film I've watched this weekend is Rogue Trader, based on Nick Leeson's book of the same name. It's hard not to know the storyline of this one and the ending - if you don't know who Nick Leeson is, where have you been? - but it's still an enjoyable film. It certainly has some lessons in it... Get out before you dig too deep.

I didn't rent Walk The Line after all. I popped into town yesterday and walked into the rental store only to find they were changing it around yet again. There were lots of empty shelves and game rentals were all I could see. I hate it when they do that. The last time they changed everything around we lost the old DVD rentals. I'm just wondering what we've lost this time. They do seem to be getting more and more interested in selling DVDs and game rentals, I'll probably walk in there sometime to find the DVD rentals relegated to the corner at the back of the store. I guess I'll have to wait until Walk The Line comes around on my EasyCinema rental list.

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25th August 2006

Friday - 9.55pm : It's been a year since I got to meet Mark Owen, one of the members of Take That - my favourite band when I was a teenager. Now, a year on, I may be in with a chance of meeting my favourite member. The band have reformed - originally for a TV show, then for a tour and soon a new album - and Gary Barlow has written his autobiography. My Take is released on 5th October and Gary will be signing the new book on a nationwide tour between 6th-14th October. I live in the sticks, so there's no chance of Gary coming anywhere near here. Hopefully he'll visit Birmingham (a couple of hours from here) or even somewhere a little closer. Can't wait - Of course I'm looking forward to reading the book too!

How many of you out there thought my favourite Take That member was Robbie Williams? He is my favourite solo artist though.

It's Granddad's birthday in a few days. I'm making him a card this year. He provided me with a cracking photo of himself at my cousin's birthday party, so I'm using it when I make the card. I just need to pop out tomorrow to pick up a couple of other things for it. I'll also be picking up his birthday present - a friend to go with last year's present!

It's August Bank Holiday this weekend so no doubt I'll watch a few DVDs, especially since the weather doesn't look too good. I've got plenty of DVDs here, but if I rent one I'll most likely get Walk The Line as I've been meaning to watch it for a while now.

I've known for a week now, but I wasn't allowed to say anything... CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa and Gareth who are expecting a little brother or sister for Harley! I hope this pregnancy is a little easier on Lisa than the last one... The poor girl suffered a lot, but it was all worth it in the end as Harley is such a wonderful boy. Please visit Lisa's blog and wish her well. She's not feeling well at the moment, so I'm sure she'd love some comments.

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23rd August 2006

Wednesday - 10.15pm : I had my biopsy results back on Monday. The Gastroenterologist stated that the results were "unremarkable" - which doesn't really tell me much, but my Doctor translated as "fine". However, the Gastroenterologist wants to see me at the hospital again "in the not too distant future". He didn't say what for, but I can only guess I'm in for more probing with a camera. I'm actually not too bothered about that (being doped up for the duration helps), it's the nasty prep stuff that has to be taken the day before which bothers me most!

I've had a headache on and off for the past couple of days. It's my own fault. I somehow managed to bang the back of my head on Monday. I should be more careful, I know. I will be in the future!

Did you ever have one of those Etch A Sketch toys when you were a kid? If so then the Online Etch A Sketch page may bring back a few memories! I recently watched a TV show about toys from the past. They got a group of artists together and asked them to use the Etch A Sketch screens to sketch. They did so and produced some amazing pictures. The only thing is... One tip upside down and the picture is no more!

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20th August 2006

Sunday - 9.45pm : I've been taking photos in the garden again. Once it had stopped raining (I'm sure this is the wettest August we've ever had!) I took a wonder around our small garden with my camera. This is the one I'm most happy with. It wasn't an easy task as the wind was blowing the flowers back and forth. I think we may have seen the last of summer here.

I watched Extreme Measures earlier. It's a thriller starring Hugh Grant, not his normal type of film, I must admit! Still, he does a good job as the British doctor who just won't let a patient's case lie. Gene Hackman plays the doctor who doesn't want Hugh Grant meddling and goes as far as he can to stop him. The film is 10 years old now, but it's still worth digging out and watching. (Watch out for Sarah Jessica Parker in it!) It's another film I'd recommend!

I've been adding a few DVDs to my rental list (They pick one from my list at random and send it to me). Has anyone got any recommendations for me?

I get my biopsy results tomorrow. I'm not actually worried as the specialist didn't give me any cause to worry. I'm expecting them to come back as "Negative", just like every other test I've ever had done, but we'll see.

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17th August 2006

Thursday - 10.10pm : I finally got around to watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on Tuesday evening. I loved it! It's a murder mystery with some action and comedy thrown in. Starring Robert Downey Jnr, Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan - It's well worth watching!

The next DVD on its way to me from the DVD rental company is Extreme Measures. It was made around 10 years ago and I have a feeling I've seen part of the film before (on TV). I've read some good reviews about it, so I'm looking forward to watching it. It should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I'll watch it sometime over the weekend.

I popped into Tuffins (a local supermarket) earlier to get a few bits and bobs. They'd got some books on offer and I couldn't help myself. Each book was just £1.99 or you could have 3 for £5. So I ended up buying 4 books for just under £7 and most of those books were originally priced around £6.99 each! Bargain!

Anyway, I think I'll go and read some more of the book I'm already reading - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

Congratulations to my cousin on his A Level results! Good luck at uni, Alistair!

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14th August 2006

Monday - 9.15pm : I'm home. I was going to write an entry here last night, but after having to deal with a computer refusing to boot up I just felt too tired. I had a great weekend, it's just a shame it happened to be the coldest, windiest and wettest weekend of the summer!

Before I could go anywhere I had a dentist appointment to go to on Friday afternoon. It was just a routine appointment and all went well. However, if I have any more problems with my lower right wisdom tooth it'll have to come out. It's going to have to come out at some point, but I think she meant sooner rather than later. So I'm hoping that won't happen for quite a while. I can't afford to have it out, let alone not wanting the pain!

Friday evening Dad & I headed down to a hotel in Milton Keynes, which is where we stayed for our weekend at Silverstone. We didn't get down there until around 10pm, so it was an early night so we could be up in good time for going to Silverstone for the Grand Prix Masters.

Saturday morning we headed straight to the paddock at Silverstone. In a complete stroke of luck we managed to arrive just as Nigel Mansell was coming out of the office. He was surrounded by people trying to get autographs, so I just stood back and tried to take some photos. I've never seen so many grown men turn into teenage girls over one man! Mansell needed to get from the office to the pit garage and was surrounded the whole time. Still, he was nice enough to sign as many autographs as was humanly possible in that situation before heading into the garage.

We went in and out of various garages, saw a few different drivers and then headed over to the grandstand at Copse (the corner at the end of the pit straight) to sit and watch the practice and qualifying for various races. Not only did we get to see the Grand Prix Masters (former F1 drivers!), but we also got to see F3000, British Formula 3 and Thoroughbred Grand Prix.

"Silverstone - July 2006"

Mansell Mansell Mansell Patrese Mansell
Patrese and team Lammers Lammers Stephen Jelly's Helmet Mike Conway

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Unfortunately, I think I jinxed Nigel Mansell. Qualifying didn't go well for him on Saturday due to a dodgy car and the race on Sunday wasn't any better. I jinxed Mika Mika Hakkinen a few years ago by naming the cat after him! Seriously!

Anyway, Sunday was just so wet, windy and cold that we headed for the grandstand and stayed there. The track was wet so we got to see a few cars going off the track. Despite the rain and wind I still enjoyed myself and would definitely go again. Hopefully next time Nigel Mansell will be able to more than just a couple of laps!

I nearly forgot... I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on Saturday evening. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the 3rd one... which is a long way off, I know! Johnny Depp was brilliant as usual and I just love the way Jack runs! It's definitely a film I'd recommend.

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10th August 2006

Thursday - 8.55pm : I went to my 6th concert of the year last night. I went to Wolverhampton Civic to see an old rock & roll great - Jerry Lee Lewis!

Jerry's support act was a band called Matchbox. They've been around for over 30 years and have had top 10 hits such as Midnight Dynamos and Rockabilly Rebel. Dad thinks he's seen them live before, but can't think when or where. They were a good support act and really got the crowd going (even if we weren't allowed to stand up during songs!).

Jerry's band came on stage and did a few numbers before Jerry walked on stage. He's only a couple of years older than Dad, but you'd think he was a decade older at least. Still, his voice was in fine form and his piano skills amazing! If you closed your eyes you would never guess he's in his seventies. Jerry finished off the show with my favourite, Great Balls of Fire. It was a short 45 minute set, but all in all it was a great show, it was just a pity I had some idiots sat behind me!

Somehow I always get the annoying people by me! There was a couple of loud men sat behind me. Everytime the one directly behind me stood up his belly pushed into my shoulders and I had to lean forward. He kept tapping his fingers and feet on my chair. Then what really took the biscuit was when he hit me hard on the back and didn't even acknowledge doing anything or apologise! The security people seemed to be keeping an eye on them for most of the evening because they kept gesturing at them to sit down as they were blocking people's views. This would set the men off swearing and at one point security told them to get out, but they wouldn't move. Since they were in the middle of the row and there wasn't long until the end of the show security decided to let them stay, but I think they had a word afterwards. You wouldn't think Jerry Lee Lewis fans would get roudy!

I've got a routine dental appointment tomorrow afternoon and then I'm rushing off down to Milton Keynes, where we're staying for the Grand Prix Masters at Silverstone. I'll be back home on Sunday evening. Should be a good weekend.

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5th August 2006

Saturday - 6.30pm : The tickets and hotel have been booked - I'm going to watch the Grand Prix Masters at Silverstone next weekend. I booked grandstand tickets (for Copse, right at the end of the start/finish straight) and the paddock area will be open to all grandstand ticket holders on the Saturday morning. The website says "Visitors will be given an exclusive opportunity to rub shoulders with drivers, celebrities and team members.", so I'll be taking lots of photos! Of course, I'm excited about the racing too, but the paddock area access will give me another opportunity to take photos. Can't wait!

Talking of photos... I've finally uploaded a few of the ones I took of a local band. The band are called Ida Red and you can find the photos in the Photography section of my website. Over at Ida Red's website you can find some samples of their music along with information about them, gig dates etc. Well worth checking out.

I bought a book today and I've just realised it's the same book Claire is reading! It's called The Historian and is written by Elizabeth Kostova. Claire seems to be enjoying reading it, so I'm looking forward to reading it myself. It's also being reviewed by Richard & Judy this coming Wednesday, so I'm insterested in hearing what they've got to say about it.

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1st August 2006

Tuesday - 9.45pm : As promised, I have scanned in one of the old photos Mum & I found on Sunday. It's of me when I was around 12 months old and what am I carrying? A camera! I hadn't realised I'd started taking photos at such an early age!

I came across a useful photography website today - ePhotoZine. It has news, reviews, directories, price comparisons, buyer's guides, competitions, portfolios, a learning section and more. There's plenty to hold your attention. It even shows finished photography competitions, which I find useful for photo ideas. Well worth a visit.

I may have a nice photography opportunity soon. The Grand Prix Masters (Nigel Mansell and co.) will be racing at Silverstone on 11-13th August and I've talked Dad into coming with me (I just need to book the tickets). I've always wanted to go to a F1 race, but it's so expensive. The tickets for GP Masters are so much cheaper (like a third cheaper!) and the racing is excellent (and it should be considering the credentials of the drivers, it's not called GP Masters for nothing!). I'm really looking forward to it. (Must book tickets!)

Thanks to Sarcasmom, Dawn, Cyberevolution, Sage, Andrea, Stephen, Jolynn, Nick, Claire, Miss M and Katie.

P.S. - Do any of you have a Vox account?