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27th February 2005

Sunday - 10.25pm : My plan for this weekend was to go and visit Lisa in Melton, but due to toothache, headaches & crappy trains, I ended up having to make my apologies and not going. So instead of a weekend of fun, I've ended up having a really lazy weekend. Although, I didn't get much sleep last night or the night before.

Last night, around 2.30am, I was awoken by the sound of a cat wretching. Mika was at the bottom of my bed being sick all over the bottom half of my duvet (I've never seen so much sick from one little cat). I won't go into details but he'd not digested his food properly, so I suspect he'd over-eaten. Why it had to be my duvet he threw up on, I don't know! I lept out of bed and kept saying "No, no noooo, no... Don't do that!", like it would do any good for the poor lad. Mum thought I was sleep-talking (and that's the second time she's said that to me in the middle of the night, so I'm beginning to think perhaps I do talk in my sleep!), but thankfully she came and helped me clear it all up. I ended up having to get my brother's duvet (No, don't worry - I didn't nick it from him while he was sleeping! It's his old room, so he wasn't using it) and then I still had to spray a load of air freshener in my room as I could still smell the sick. Ergh! Once all that was sorted, I turned off the light and crawled back into bed - Wide awake! Next thing I know, Mika was tapping at my door wanting to come in. So like a fool I opened the door and he raced to my bed and curled up on it. The cheek of it!

I've just been watching my usual Sunday night TV - Joey, Two and a Half Men and 24. While watching 24, I got thinking... Kiefer Sutherland is most definitely my favourite actor. I've liked him since I saw him play David in The Lost Boys when I was 11 and I've seen over 40 of his films so far and have most of them on DVD or video. I've enjoyed seeing him play everything from a vampire to a murderer, from a dying man to a cowboy, from a traumatised kid with elective mutism to a Prisoner of War. Oh and not to mention his looks being just as good as they were 18 years ago, if not better!

Next weekend is going to completely mess up my sleeping pattern (if this weekend already hasn't), but it's for a good reason. The 2005 F1 World Championship is about to begin! Of course, I'll be rooting for my beloved Team McLaren, but I'll also be keeping my fingers crossed for David Coulthard in his Red Bull Racing car. Behind them, I'll be hoping Jenson Button gets up top, because he's a Brit... Actually, anyone but Ferrari winning will make me smile! The only thing is that because it's the Australian Grand Prix, it'll be the middle of the night here. So, I'll have to try and keep my excitment, jumping up & down and shouting at the TV to a minimum!

Ah well, time for me to get going. Thanks to Graeme (Hey, I'd go carefully in that car, imagine the price tag!), Ben (I think it's a female thing!), Mark (I'm usually a disaster area with chemicals - I'm the kid who managed to drop a bottle of acid which then proceded to spill all over the teacher's hands!), Stephen (I'll check that out. Sorry couldn't meet up yesterday... I'll let you know when I'm next in Melton), Mandy, Me, Myself & I, Miss M (The red light takes a little getting used to... everything looks black & white - Not just the photos!), Meredith, Jenni (I thought it would be difficult, but it really isn't) and SNiP (Cadbury's Mini Eggs are delicious - I love them! For the photography classes, take a look at local schools/colleges doing evening classes). Catch you in a day or two!


25th February 2005

FilmstripFriday - 8.30pm : I was back at college last night, after the half-term break. We were asked if we were interested in continuing the classes (as next week will be the 10th & last class of the course) and, of course, my reply was a yes! I've really enjoyed myself and since developing in black & white seems to slowing becoming a dying art (due to the digital revolution), I really want to keep going with it.

Last night, I developed a new film (of photos mainly taken in Ludlow and Surrey), but I have time to print any photos from it. So I'll be doing that next week. Developing the film is the tricky part. It starts in complete darkness (it's a weird feeling - I keep trying to focus, but, of course, there is zero light so nothing to focus on). During this time you have to open the film canister (which either involves a gadget similar to a bottle opener, or, lacking one of those, it involves whacking it on the table a few times until it opens), wind the film on to a reel (sounds easier than it is!) so the film isn't touching itself (that sounds rude, doesn't it?!), put the reel onto it's holder (I can't remember it's proper name) and then that goes into a container. A lid is then screwed tightly onto the container so that no light can get to the film when the red light is switched on. The rest is done with the lights on (red light so the others can get on with developing their pictures) - I would describe the rest for you, but I wouldn't want to bore those of you who aren't interested in that kind of thing. Developing (or rather, printing) the photos is the exciting part... especially when it's your first go at doing it.

Now on to a totally different subject.......

I've got an addiction... to chocolate. I know, I know... Who hasn't? But I seem to be getting more and more addicted to the stuff. There was a time when I could go for weeks without wanting a bar of chocolate. Now I'm lucky if I can go a day or two without NEEDING one... in particular, Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate (Heaven in chocolate-form!). I'm forever asking if we've got any chocolate (and the answer is usually "no", though there are times that I can quench my chocolate addiction). Today I ended up throwing a pack of 5 bars into the shopping trolley. I saw them on the shelf and couldn't resist. Just thinking about it is making me want some!

Anyway, I'm going to thank some lovely people and then get going. Thanks to Me, Myself & I, Liz (Welcome back!!!), Strizzt, Natalie, Alx, Graeme (I suspect you wouldn't mind having a go yourself though?), Mark, Jenni and Manu (Yeah, I live in a rural area, so it's kind of a novelty to see the emergency services around). Take care guys.


21st February 2004

Monday - 10.30pm : We've had a bit of drama here tonight. I was watching a DVD earlier when I sensed some flashing lights outside. A quick look through the curtains and I discovered 2 ambulances outside. One of our elderly neighbours had collapsed (I say elderly, but I guess he's just a few years older than my Dad... though he's not far off 70 himself). I hope he's okay - His brother died just a few weeks ago, so it's not a happy time for his family at the moment. I was quite surprised at 2 ambulances arriving though, it's usually difficult to get just one of them to turn up.

My weekend away was quite nice, though certain parts were more enjoyable to me than others. Friday began with the coach trip down to the RAF Museum (London) at Hendon. We had lunch and then took a look around the museum, which is pretty big. I'm not really interested in aircraft, but it was kind of interesting. In a way, it felt like a school trip, but without the teachers! We spent a few hours there, before heading into the rush-hour traffic and to our hotel in Shepperton, Surrey.

After breakfast (Shock! I actually had breakfast!), we headed over to Brooklands (A motorsport and aviation museum). Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation and home to the world's first purpose-built motor-racing circuit. Many world records have been made and broken at Brooklands, including land speed records, the first British Grand Prix, and the Ultimate World Cycling Speed Record of 207mph.

Visiting Brooklands angered me somewhat. Only sections of the track still exist and some of these are not easily accessable. Can you believe that corportations such as a large British supermarket (whom a certain friend of mine works for!) have built roads over the track (as their companies have built supermarkets within the track boundaries). A large German motor company is now building a development on part of Brooklands, although it's not necessarily a bad thing as they have agreed to help with some kind of preservation (I can't remember the details). One good thing is that the remaining sections of the racing circuit are now listed by English Heritage, so they should be relatively safe. This place was the beginning of British motorsport and aviation and yet somebody (possibly out government) is responsible for letting it go to waste. Where else in the world could this happen, but Britain.

My favourite car!My favourite part of Brooklands was seeing this beauty (see the picture to the left). Yes, it's one of Mika Hakkinen's old winning F1 cars, a beautiful Mclaren. I think I spent longer in the Grand Prix Exhibition part of Brooklands than anywhere else. Now, if only I could be let loose in that car!

After Brooklands, we had a few hours spare, so we made our way to Windsor (That's right, the town where Charles & Camilla are getting married). I wanted to forefill a childhood dream and visit Legoland, but I knew it wouldn't happen (and it's closed until mid-March anyway!). Windsor Castle was closed too (The flag was flying, so maybe somebody was home), so we headed off to the shops. A couple of hours later and we were on our way back to the hotel.

Yesterday (Sunday) started with a trip to Hampton Court Palace. The weather was a little on the cold side, so we didn't go around the maze, but we managed to cover the vast majority of the inside which was open to the general public. There's plenty to see there and you could easily spend the entire day looking around. We had a coach to catch home though, but had the weather been warmer I would have loved to have spent more time looking around the gardens and getting lost in the maze (because let's face it, I'd probably spend most of the day trying to get out!).

Back home and my Angel season 5 DVD boxset had arrived. Naturally, I have already watched the 1st DVD of the set. I saw the season when it was originally shown on Sky One last year, but it's great to see it again. It's definitely my favourite Angel season (with season 1 a close second).

Anyway, this entry is pretty long, plus a certain kitty cat is curled up fast asleep on my knee, so I guess I'd better get going. Thanks to Miss M, Lissy, Stephen, Graeme, Ben, Danielle, Mark, Sueellen, Skye, Me, Myself & I and Suzanne. Take care.


16th February 2005

Wednesday - 10.55pm : I went for my 6-monthly dentist appointment yesterday, unfortunately it didn't go quite as well as it normally does. One of my wisdom teeth is actually growing into the side of my cheek (which I've known about for a while now), so the dentist was prodding it and doing something at it, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain. I nearly hit the ceiling! Talk about hitting a nerve! She then put some numbing stuff on it, but I had toothache afterwards until sometime during the middle of the night. I've got to go back and have it out next month (which I'm not looking forward to), but if this toothache keeps up I might just have to go back sooner.

No films to report about tonight, sorry! Joey was good on Sunday night, although I kept expecting the others to turn up too (especially Chandler, but that's because he was my favourite). Two & A Half Men starts on C5 next Sunday, it stars Charlie Sheen. I saw it when it was shown on Sky and loved it! The character definitely suits Charlie. It's on between 'Joey' and '24' on Sundays, so I'll probably end up watching it again.

My Angel season 5 DVDs have now been dispatched, so I'll be able to delve into them after my weekend down in Surrey. I've been waiting for these DVDs to come out ever since I saw the season on TV. There will be plenty to keep me busy.

Anyway, just a short entry from me tonight as I've not got much to say. Have a good weekend if I don't write before I go. Take care and thanks to Graeme, Meredith, Mark, Sueellen, Strizzt, Lissy and Miss M.


13th February 2005

Sunday - 4.45pm : Today turned out to be a lazy day, which is probably a good thing, because I didn't get much sleep last night (due to the wind & rain) and I think that's why I've been bombarded with headaches this afternoon. It started snowing around about lunch-time, which put a stop to the plans I did have. Despite the amount that seemed to be coming down (I love watching snow fall) it didn't stick, so there's no snow photos from me today.

I watched Cellular last night. If you haven't yet seen it, make sure you do! I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the film. At one point, when Ryan (played by Chris Evans - the actor, not the radio DJ/TV presenter!) started travelling down a tunnel in a car, I lept up and yelled "No, no, no, nooo! He can't go down there, the phone signal will cut out!". Then I thought "Heck, it's Hollywood, anything can work". Thankfully, I didn't look too stupid in the end. Anyway, if you want to rent a film and don't know what to get, get Cellular, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Later on last night, I watched Far and Away on ITV. It's a 1992 film starring Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman and directed by Ron Howard. It's basically a love story about two Irish folk from different society classes who end up travelling to America. I thought it was a good film (Put it this way, I have a tenancy to drop off to sleep when watching films late at night, but I last night I didn't) and I thought Tom & Nicole did a good job of the Irish accents. Good film.

I watched I'm With Lucy earlier on. It's an okay film, kind of what I was expecting really. It's a chick-flick which becomes slightly predictable, but a nice film to watch on a Sunday afternoon (especially if you're a fan of any of the actors in it).

I'll be watching 24 (season 4) later on tonight, but before that the brand new series of Joey starts on C5 here in the UK. I'll be watching it, but I've heard that it had low ratings in the USA and people weren't that impressed with it. I haven't seen it yet, but I think too many people will be comparing it with Friends. Whilst it is a spin-off of Friends, I don't think a spin-off could live up to the success of that. Also, the character or Joey worked best with Chandler and the others, so I suspect some Joey's humour will have been lost without them. Ah well, I guess I'll see later on.

Hmmm... Is it me or is my journal turning into a movie blog?!

I've only got a short week at work this week. Tuesday afternoon I'll be at the dentist and then on Friday I'm off to Surrey for the weekend. No college for me on Thursday evening either, since it's half-term week.

Anyway, I'll leave my thanks and catch you sometime during the week. Take care. Thanks to Ben, Mark (And his voice is so reconisable!), Graeme, Me, Myself & I, Meredith and Skye.


12th February 2005

Saturday - 1.55pm : The Brit Awards got off to a good start on Wednesday night with a favourite act of mine, Scissor Sisters, opening the show. They won 3 awards too - Best International Breakthrough, Best International Artist and Best International Album. They may be an American act, but we've adopted them as our own, especially since they signed their first deal over here. I remember a year or so ago when they were singing on Graham Norton's show, I thought to myself that I'd have to look out for them, and look where they are now!

The Brits25 Best Song Award, which Robbie won with Angels, was the first award to be presented. When it was announced that Gary Barlow & Howard Donald (Robbie's ex-band mates from Take That) would be presenting the award, Robbie's face was such a picture! It was as if somebody had died or something, the poor bloke thought he was going to have to apologies to them both in front of all these people and a nation watching it on TV. Then "Gary" & "Howard" walked down the stairs to give the award - It was Matt Lucas & David Walliams from Little Britain doing their 'Rock Profiles' take on the pair. I bed he'd never been so relieved in his life when he saw them walk down there stairs!

Robbie performed Angels as a duet with Joss Stone. I quite enjoyed it, even though Robbie had to mouth some of the words to Joss so she would remember them. Robbie's jacket made him look like he'd got a beer belly, but he'd looked fine earlier on in the evening. Oh, and he's got that shaved head look again, just like he did way back when 'Angels' was released. Another Brit Awards performance that I really enjoyed was Daniel & Natasha Bedingfield's duet. They sang Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' - It was a fantastic performance and they really seemed to enjoy being on stage together (although I've heard it was a one-off performance - Pity!).

I hadn't got any plans for today, so I popped into town earlier to rent a couple of DVDs. I had a 'Rent 1, Get 1 Free' voucher so it only cost me £3.50 for the pair. I ended up getting Cellular and I'm With Lucy. I wanted to see Cellular when it was out at the cinema, but somehow missed it, so I'm really looking forward to watching it later on. I tend to go for films where I like one of the actors in it, but this is definitely a film where it was the trailer that got me interested in it. Also, the film is linked to Phone Booth - While Larry Cohen was working on this, he was trying to sell Phone Booth... and the 2 films have a very similar theme running through them. My reason for choosing I'm With Lucy? Well, David Boreanaz stars in it, so I thought I'd check it out.

Talking of David Boreanaz... The Angel season 5 DVD boxset will be arriving in the mail in just over a week, so I'm sure you can guess what I'll be watching then. Watching 'The Girl In Question' episode will bring back great memories of Halloween when James Marsters and David did a fantastic "commentary" on the episode. (If only that was included with the boxset!).

Anyway, I think I've rambled on for long enough now. Time for thanks - Me, Myself & I, Graeme, Mark (Of course I was trying to make it sound old! Although, it'll be my 25th in 4 months time, but then I'm not bothered by age), Skye, Sonia, Ben (The original CSI, as far as I know), Hellen and Xtel. See ya!


8th February 2005

Tuesday - 7.45pm : I was out celebrating a friend's quarter of a century birthday last night. We haven't seen much of each other over the past year, so we took the opportunity to have a good old natter and a catch-up (You wouldn't believe we live in the same village, considering how out of touch we've been with each other lately). Anyway, we've decided to make an effort and meet up more often.

Anyone a fan of CSI? Well, Wil (as in Wil Wheaton) has landed himself a role in it. He'll be playing a homeless guy who has voices in his head (to which he starts talking out loud to) and is a murder suspect. Wil actually got a bigger role than the one he auditioned for, which is pretty good going, if you ask me. So sometime in the future, while watching CSI, look out for a scruffy homeless guy, with a patchy beard, who's talking to himself... That'll be Wil!

Robbie is up for a Brit Award this week. It's for the 'Brits 25 - Best Song Award' with his classic song, Angels. Out of the others (Joy Division, Kate Bush, Queen and Will Young) nominated for the same award, I think Queen will be the ones giving Robbie a run for his money. In my opinion, I don't think the others come close, but Queen's 'We Are The Champions' is most definitely a classic. So far, Robbie has won a record 14 Brit Awards as a solo artist and with Take That. *Fingers crossed for Mr Williams*.

I'm sure I was going to write about something else, but I can't remember what (and now my net connection has just dropped - doh!). Anyway, whatever it was I've forgotten will have to wait, because I've got around 20 minutes to get myself ready before going out. Take care and thanks to Karen, Tish, Mark, Lissy, Miss M, Strizzt, Me, Myself & I, SNiP, Graeme, Stephen, Tim (I'll be down your way soon!) and Natalie.


5th February 2005

Saturday - 9.30pm : First of all... Yesss!!! Wales won the Wales v England Six Nations rugby match! I'm no fan of rugby, but it was great to hear that Wales had won 11-9. My brother kindly informed me of the score via a merry & drunken (I suspect!) phone call. It sounded like the entire pub was roaring with excitement because Wales had won... and I don't blame them. It's not often we get a win at international rugby!

I've not long gotten home from the cinema in Shrewsbury. I went to see Ocean's Twelve, but we nearly didn't get to see it. We bought our tickets, then got popcorn & a drink (which took forever) and then waited to go into the screen as they were "getting it ready". The next thing we know we're being told that the screening has been cancelled due to a "technical difficulty". The next screening wasn't until 5.40pm (it was then 3.40pm), so they gave us a choice of having our tickets exchanged for the next screening or seeing another film. Since the only other films we fancied seeing only started 10 or 20 minutes before the next screening of Ocean's Twelve, we just exchanged our tickets for the next screening. With a couple of hours to go before we could actually see the film, we decided to drive to a couple of stores and get something to eat before going back.

Once we were back at the cinema and sat in our seats, the trailers started and there's now a couple more films that I'd like to see. Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, is one of those films. It's based on the Hellblazer comic and tells the story of a man who isn't wanted by Heaven, but is wanted by Hell. He can see things other people can't, like reconising angels & demons that walk the earth. From what I've seen, the special effects look fantastic (is there anything these sfx guys can't do now?!) and Keanu is a pretty good actor, so I'm sure it'll be a good watch. Other trailers which caught my eye were Flight of the Phoenix, Shall We Dance? and Hitch. Of course, I also want to go and see The Magic Roundabout, but nobody seems to want to be a big kid and see it with me!

Anyway, on to Ocean's Twelve. The trailers finished and we were left with a blank screen for what seemed like ages. Finally, the sound came on and we could hear the opening scene of the film, but still no picture. I was beginning to think I would never get to see it! Thankfully, it finally appeared and I got to see a good sequel. Of course, having such eye-candy as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon obviously helps! To my surprise, Eddie Izzard and Bruce Willis (as himself) make appearances. Worth watching, especially if you enjoyed Ocean's Eleven.

I've got some new rolls of black & white film, so my plan for tomorrow is to take some photographs around Ludlow (a beautiful town just over the border in Shropshire, with plenty of history). I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! I'm going with my parents, so hopefully we'll have a meal out too.

Anyway, time I was going. Thanks to Graeme, Zi, Meredith, Dorka and Danielle.


1st February 2005

Tuesday - 8.00pm : Just a quick entry tonight as I'm off out in an hour and I still need to get ready. (Now I've said that, I'll probably end up rambling on and not realising what the time is). Hmmm... So now I can't think of what I was going to write. Typical!

Oh yes... The Magic Roundabout movie website is now live. I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again anyway - I can't wait to see it, and not just because Robbie does the voice for Dougal! I love the job they've done on the website... Nice work. And yes, I'll be one of the big kids going to see it at the cinema. Sorry, this is taking me a while to write... I'm playing the Magic Roundabout games on the website!

Today is the world premier of Rob Thomas' new solo single, 'Lonely No More'. (You can find it on AOL Music for the time being). The song is the first from Rob's new solo album, Something To Be, which will be out on 26th April. It's a different sound to the MB20 sound, more upbeat. I just happen to be listening to Matchbox Twenty's first album, Yourself or Someone Like You, at the moment. I got into MB20 around 6 years ago when a friend sent Real World (Track 1 off this album) to me. He sent it to me because of how I was feeling at the time. I was hooked straight away.

Last Thursday, I talked about Ivan Noble and his last entry in his Tumour Diary, because he was not well enough to carry on writing it. Well, sadly, he died on Monday, aged 37. I had read his diary entries on the BBC website for quite a while, so it's very sad to hear of his death, inevitable as it was. According to the BBC news site, a collection of his diaries will be published later in the year, I for one know that I'll be buying a copy, the proceeds will be going to charity.

R.I.P - Ivan Noble.

With thanks to Stephen (I thought you were writing a journal entry with that long comment of yours - Always appreciated though!), Snowbabies, Strizzt (Yeah, there was a bit of a killing spree during season 3!), Graeme, Mark, Skye and SNiP (Yes, I've got all 3 of the previous seasons of '24' on DVD and I've already pre-ordered the 4th! Big Kiefer Sutherland fan here!).


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