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30th July 2006

Sunday - 6.30pm : I'm still tired. The sedative is out of my system by now, but I think it's the after-effect of not having anything to eat through Thursday and part of Friday. It knocks you for six a bit.

I've not done much this weekend, apart from watch TV and the DVDs I rented.

The Weather Man - Billed as a comedy, but it didn't make me laugh as much as a comedy should. Nevertheless, I did enjoy watching it. Nicolas Cage plays a weather man (believe it or not!) who's trying to make his dad proud of him, get back with his ex-wife and sort out his children's problems, all while being pelted with various fast food snacks by passers-by. Well worth watching, just don't expect a big comedy.

Stay - A psychological thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling and Naomi Watts. A good film, but one you have to give your full attention. It can get a little confusing, but I think the final scenes bring it all together. It might be worth a second viewing to really appreciate it.

Syriana - A political drama starring George Clooney and Matt Damon. It's one I'm going to watch again as I wasn't really paying attention (serves me right for doing two things at once).

Back To The Future was on TV yesterday so I watched that too, I'm sure I don't need to give a review on this classic.

Mum & I have been sorting through some old photographs and school reports. Unsurprisingly, both my school reports and my brother's say we are daydreamers. Where we differ is that my brother apparently talked too much and I was quiet. People still say I'm quiet, but get me on a certain subject and I'll ramble on for ages! Anyway, I may just show you a few of those old photographs sometime this week.

Right then, I'm off to watch the last ever episode of Top of the Pops. Thanks for comments go out to Kenju, Mandy (I get the results in 3 weeks), Battlerocker, Alex, Daystar, Paul, Dawn, Karen, Jenny, Jean-Luc Picard, Phoenix, David, TJ, Cyberevolution and Shpprgrl.


28th July 2006

Friday - 6.15pm : I was sedated this morning and I'm still feeling the effects, so I'd better apologise in advance for any typos or sentences that don't make sense!

Last night was a nightmare. I had to take some prep stuff for today's procedure. I had 2 sachets of powder to mix with 2 litres of water, which was to be taken within 3 hours. It tasted disgusting. I'm completely hopeless with most kinds of medication and this was no different. I did manage to get some of it in me, but not without being sick. I started at 4pm and still hadn't finished it by 11pm! I didn't even manage to finish the first sachet. So I was a little worried about what the doctor would say at the hospital this morning. Thankfully the prep I had managed to take last night had done it's job, so that was OK.

At the hospital I had to change into one of those surgical gowns that has a split up the back. They've improved somewhat and the split overlaps so you're not showing your backside to everyone as you walk down the corridor, which was something to be grateful about!

The procedure wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was sedated (just "relaxed", not knocked out), which helped, but I still watched it on the screen... "Bowel TV"! They did a biopsy and I was then wheeled into the recovery room. Sometime later I was given a hot chocolate (such a luxury after having clear fluids for so long!) and then I was allowed to get changed and go home... and eat at long last!

I'm not allowed to do much in the next 12 - 24 hours (due to the sedation), so I asked Dad to take me to town to rent some DVDs. I picked up Stay, Syriana and The Weather Man, plus I've still got Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to watch. So I've got plenty to keep me going.

Thanks for comments go out to Daystar, Cyberevolution, Mark, Karen, Mellissa, Jolynn, Sueellen, Shpprgrl, Andrea, SNiP, TJ and Alex.

P.S. - The car has now been fixed at no extra cost.


26th July 2006

Wednesday - 8.45pm : I'm not a happy bunny.

While driving home this evening my car suddenly started making a really loud noise and seemed low on power. Luckily I'd made it into the village as getting up the big hill would have been a nightmare, especially in rush-hour traffic. It turns out it was something to do with the exhaust... It had disconnected from the engine or something (I'm no good with cars, unless it's a F1 car!). Now, considering that same exhaust is new and was only put on the car around a month ago... I'm not happy! Thankfully, I only received the bill for the work last week, so I haven't had a chance to pay it. I now won't be paying it until the garage fix the car. Talk about shoddy work!

I'm even more annoyed because I should be at the cinema right now watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, but I can't get to town without a car. I'd pay for a taxi, but it's around £5 to get to town from here and then there's the cinema ticket, plus a return taxi journey home. That'd be around £15 just to watch a film! So I'm sat here at home with Leo curled up on my knee. I might put a DVD on soon.

Tomorrow at 9am marks the beginning of my starvation. Why? Well, I have a hospital appointment on Friday and I'm not allowed anything to eat for over 24 hours before my appointment. It's just clear liquids for me (along with some other stuff, but I won't go into details!). So if you hear some rumbling tomorrow or Friday morning it probably isn't the thunder... it'll more likely be my tummy rumbling!

Thanks to Karen, Skye, Andrea, Shpprgrl, Katie and Daystar.


25th July 2006

Tuesday - 10.15pm : I'm itching to get out and play with my new camera, but it's going to be sometime over the weekend before I'll be able to now. I did spot the sunset through the kitchen window earlier though, so I grabbed a camera and rushed outside to take a photo or two of it.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (so I'll have a movie review for you later in the week). Other movies I want to see soon include Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (What?! I like the ginger cat!), Miami Vice, Stormbreaker and The Break-Up. I've also still got Kiss Kiss Bang Bang waiting here to be watched.

One of my favourite actors has landed himself a guest appearance in one of my favourite cartoons! Kiefer Sutherland will do the voice of a a hard-nosed colonel in an episode of The Simpsons when Homer accidentally joins the US army. I think it's a fitting voice for Kiefer. He's great at shouting at people in 24! He can do quite a creepy voice too. Although, I am looking forward to hearing him roar as Samson the Lion in The Wild!

Robbie Williams' new single Rudebox had it's first airing on Radio 1 on Friday (3 days earlier than it should have been played. The DJs obviously couldn't wait!). It's quite different to everything else Robbie has done throughout his career, but I liked this straight away. Obviously people are going to say that's probably because I'm a Robbie fan, but I didn't like 'Radio' or 'Tripping' when I first heard them, although they did grow on me. Anyway, check out the new Rudebox website and take a look at the video clips.

Thanks to Liss, Andrea, Sueellen, Jolynn, Cyberevolution, Dawn and Nick.


23rd July 2006

Sunday - 10.05pm : I went camping this weekend. I'm not usually one for camping and I hadn't been since I was a kid. Despite being a country bumpkin it's just not something I'm keen on doing. Anyway, a Browncoat Shindig was being held locally and I decided to go for it.

If you like camping then Mid Wales is the place to do it. We're surrounded by beautiful countryside and it's so peaceful (apart from various animals making various noises in the middle of the night!).

The 'Shindig' was probably quite peaceful compared to others, but it was a wonderful weekend. We had a marquee (courtesy of Glyn) which is where we gathered for most of the day/evening. There was a BBQ (including marshmallow & strawberry kebabs!), plenty of food & drink, music and chatting. The weather was perfect for the weekend, apart from a little rain last night. (Big thanks to the guys who helped put up my tent on Friday evening).

Last night we were all sat around the table in the marquee with candles providing the light. While we were listening to music and having a bit of a laugh several craneflies decided to commit suicide in the candle flames! I know they're attracted to light, but it was getting quite ridiculous that so many seemed to be launching themselves into the candles. We had to laugh... Cruel, I know!

Considering I'd not been camping since I was a kid (and I didn't particularly enjoy it back then), I quite enjoyed camping this weekend. I had a lovely warm and comfortable sleeping bag (which I bought at the last minute) and I was fine. The sheep wandering around in the middle of the night and the dogs/hounds/foxes making a right noise made last night a little creepy, especially considering it was pitch black and in the middle of nowhere.

Sadly, this morning it was time to pack up, clear up our mess and get back to reality. It was a great weekend and definitely something I'd do again. (Whoever thought I'd enjoy a camping weekend?!)

Thanks to Danielle, G-Man, Mark, Battlerocker, Terri, Miss M, Andrea, Stephen, SNiP, Jolynn, Daystar, Claire, Shpprgrl, Meredith, Chloe-Lynn, Kate, Jon, Me, Myself & I, Mandy and Dawn.


18th July 2006

Tuesday - 10.10pm : I wasn't designed to endure this kind of heat. I know us Brits are continually complaining about the weather, but I've never liked it hot. Give me the nice cold North Pole anytime!

I've been playing with my new toy again. I didn't venture very far this evening, instead I wandered around Mum's garden snapping away.

"Mum's Garden"

Pansy Bubble Bee on Flower Everlasting Sweetpea Lavender

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

I may (I stress the "may") be going camping this weekend! I've never been keen on camping, but there's a Browncoat Shindig nearby and it would be silly to miss it. (You may be asking "What's a Browncoat Shindig?" Well, Firefly/Serenity fans are known as Browncoats. A Shindig is a party/gathering/get-together type-thing!) Amazingly, it's not far away so I could pop over just for the day/evening. I plan on going, but I just have to make up my mind on whether to camp or not. We'll see.

Thanks to Liss, Reflekshins, Terri, Dawn, Mark (The one up by Dolfor), Pearl, Shpprgrl, Jolynn, Claire, Cyberevolution, Me, Myself & I, Battlerocker, G-Man and Andrea.


16th July 2006

Sunday - 5.15pm : I've been naughty. I've bought myself a Canon EOS 350D SLR camera. I'd been eyeing it up in my weekly photography magazine for a while and when I saw an ideal kit I decided to go ahead and get one. The kit I bought included the camera, 2 lenses, a battery grip (with 2 batteries), 1GB memory card and a bag, plus I added a couple of filters to it. It all arrived on Friday, so I've only had a bit of a play with it so far.

The weather is lovely at the moment, so yesterday I went out for the afternoon to put my new camera to use. I asked my parents if they fancied a bit of a drive and we all headed up to Clywedog. I stood at the viewing point above the dam and snapped away. In a way it's pity that nature has grown up and obscures some of the views, but then it is a haven for wildlife so I shouldn't complain!

After an ice cream (I chose coconut - delicious!) we drove around the lake, stopping at various points for me to take photos. We then headed up to one of the nearby windfarms. 11 years ago I did work experience at the windfarm office. I had the chance to go inside one and climb up to the top. I took the chance to go inside, but I decided not to climb the ladder inside. I'm not good with heights and didn't fancy freezing on the ladder halfway up! Anyway, we took a walk up to the nearest turbine before heading back home.

"Clywedog and The Windfarm"

Pink Llyn Clywedog Clywedog Dam Llyn Clywedog Llyn Clywedog Llyn Clywedog The Windfarm

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Dad has just walked through the door after a motorcycle ride. He's been stung on his neck by something (we're assuming a wasp, but we don't know) and he's in quite a bit of pain (Having being stung on my back by a wasp I know what that feels like!). We're keeping an eye on him.

That's all from me for today. I'm off for something to eat. Thanks to Daystar, Dawn, Andrea, Cyndy, Liza Marie, Karen, Jolynn, Cyberevolution (Very funny!), Melly, Cassie, Claire and Mark.


12th July 2006

Wednesday - 10.15pm : My brother has bought one of those SatNav thingies for his car. He didn't want the standard boring voices on it though, so I set about finding him a new one. After a short time I found the perfect one. He's now got Ozzy Osborne telling him where to go... and not in a polite way!

Our mobile phone coverage has finally come back on in the village. There had been no service for over a week. Dad phoned the network provider to find out what was going on, only to be told they didn't even know the connection was down! It's a good thing he phoned or else we'd still be without a phone signal now.

If I had some spare money I'd be spoiling Mika & Leo with this - a cat water fountain! Mika doesn't mind drinking from his water bowl, but Leo is a little more fussy. He much prefers water straight from the tap, usually the bathroom taps! I'd like to stop that and I think Leo would love the fountain, but I just don't have money to be spending on things like that at the moment. Plus, they're spoilt enough as it is!

Hmmm... Maybe I should take some more shots of Leo posing and he can earn his fancy water fountain!

Thanks for comments go out to Sarah, Karen, Dawn, Liss, Mark, Cyndy, Sarcasmom, Mooch, Melly, Andrea, Miss M, Jolynn, Liza Marie, Sissy B (My current digital camera is a Canon PowerShot S2 IS), Cassie, Nick, Skye and Shpprgrl


8th July 2006

Saturday - 9.45pm : I've been missing in action all week. There's no real reason for it other than I've not had much to say. It's been a pretty uneventful week, apart from the thunderstorms.

On Wednesday our hot weather finally given way to storms. At work we were treated to a thunder and lightening show. I hadn't heard such loud thunder for a few years and the lightening was quite fierce too. The local news reported 4 properties were hit by lightening in town. Our electricity went off during the lightening storm and only came back on much later in the evening.

I took Mum into town this afternoon. I didn't intend on buying anything, but as usual when shopping with Mum, that intention went straight out of the window. I ended up buying a jacket and two pairs of trousers. I have to admit though, I got a good deal on the trousers. In all I saved £20 on the trousers, so I was quite pleased. Although, I had a slight argument with the girl at the till in the shop. She said the sale wasn't on any more, so I told her the clothes shouldn't then have the sale discount tags on them. Since I really hadn't intented on buying anything in the first place, I definitely wasn't willing to pay the full price on the clothes. The girl disappeared to have a word with the manager and then came back to say they would honour the discount. Obviously, somebody hadn't been doing their job properly, but I'm not complaining since I got two pairs of trousers for £25 when the full total should have been £40!

I'm having a day out tomorrow. Dad & I are going to Mallory Park in Leicestershire for the Festival of 1000 Bikes. It promises to be "a bumper extravaganza of all things bikes" (and that's motorbikes not push bikes!). Dad has been given a couple of free tickets along with paddock passes, so I wasn't going to turn down a free day out! I'll be taking my camera, of course.

Commenting thanks go to Jen, Jax, Kenju, Karen, Terri, Liss, Graeme, Andrea, Kati, Claire, Mandy, Dawn, SNiP, Liza Marie and Jolynn.


1st July 2006

Saturday - 8.45pm : Today is the 90th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme. My Granddad fought at the Somme. He'd have been just 20 years old and would be a grand age of 110 if he was still alive today. He made it through the bloody battlefields of the Somme, but he never really talked about the war afterwards (Understandable when you think about what he must have been through).

I didn't really know Granddad. I was just a toddler when he died, but I've always wanted to know more about him. He was a brave man.

In 1994 I had the chance to retrace his steps - I went on our school's World War One Battlefields Trip in Belgium and Northern France. We visited places such as Delville Wood, Thiepval, Lochnager crater, Vimy Ridge, Menin Gate (where we heard the Last Post), Ypres, Tyne Cot and Sanctuary Wood. I'd never seen to many graves and I've not seen as many since. Dad would like to visit someday, so we're hoping to plan a trip back there sometime next year.

I got 2 out of 3 blood test results back on Thursday, but only because I chased for them. The 2 I've received came back normal, which rules out a couple of things. I've been told the missing test result takes longer to get, so hopefully I should have that back next week (assuming I don't have to chase them for that result too).

I've been doing a little more digital scrapping (Liss will be pleased!), but nothing to show really. For me it's more of a personal thing, but then it's also something I probably won't do often because it's similar to what I do at work.

Thanks for comments go out to Me, Myself & I, Poet, Liss, Andrea, Meredith, Liza Marie, Graeme, Claire, Shpprgrl, Cassie, Daughter in Law, Kate, Jax Blunt, Claudia, Mama Mouse, Dawn and Kerry.