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28 November 2004

Sunday - 9.45pm : Before I go any further I have to tell you something. I met one of my all-time favourite actors yesterday! Who? The one and only Mr Christian Slater! *Bounce*. Anyway, now I've got my excitement out of the way I'll tell you about my weekend.

I was awake at 5am and out of the house at 6am, because we had to be at Shrewsbury train station for around 7am. Talk about an early start, it felt like the middle of the night for me. Saying that, I'd had very little sleep anyway.

Once down in London, we headed from Euston station over to Piccadilly so I could check where the Gielgud theatre was. After a wander around the Piccadilly area we headed over to Covent Garden. Dad was going to go to the London Transport museum whilst I was at the theatre. So I left him there and headed back over to the theatre.

Once at the theatre I realised I'd got a couple of hours to kill. So I wandered up the side street next to the theatre to see what was up there. I guess I looked like a fan (or maybe a stalker!), because a girl, who'd been stood on the corner opposite the stage door, came over and started talking to me. She was a really nice girl (older than me, I think) and as we were talking I thought I may as well hang around. (You know what, I feel awful, I never got her name!). She had an autograph book with her and had got it signed by various actors and celebrities. I can count the number of celebrities I've met on one hand, I'm sure she'd need a few more hands to count the number she'd met.

As we stood near the stage door we saw various people walk in and out. I hadn't a clue who any of them were, until I saw MacKenzie Crook ('Gareth' from The Office) walk down the street towards us. The girl asked him for his autograph and if we could have photos taken. He obliged, so the girl gave me her camera and I took a photograph of them both. We then swapped places and I handed her my digital camera. She dropped it! (Thankfully it still worked, but I'm sure some damage has been done as the pictures aren't coming out as they should). She took one of me & MacKenzie, then he went in through the stage door. He's not nearly as tall as I thought he'd be - He looked so much taller in The Office. He came back out a few minutes later and disappeared down the street with a couple of teenage girls following him.

I turned around and there was Christian. "Here's Christian", I said to the girl as if he was a friend or something. Then I came to my senses and thought "There's Christian Slater!". The girl got her book autographed and I just happened to have a black & white photo of him in my bag which he signed. I did the honours by photographing the girl and the delightful Mr Slater and then we swapped places. The girl was having problems using my camera, so I got to stand next to Christian with his arm around me for that little extra longer! The girl pressed the button and then moved the camera so we ended up with a nice shot of Christian's middle. He groaned, jokingly, and leaned his head on mine (Yes, I might possibly have been in heaven!). The girl took the photo (in which I look awful, partially because I wasn't ready and partially because I always look awful in photos!). We thanked him and he disappeared into the theatre, leaving me thinking "Did that just happen?". So whether or not I enjoyed the 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' performance, I knew my day had been made.

Before heading into the theatre (via the front doors) myself, I headed over to the corner shop. As I was picking up some chewing gum, I noticed MacKenzie Crook had followed me in. I just smilied and carried on, he certainly didn't look like he wanted to be bothered.

Anyway, I headed into the theatre and bought a programme and a poster, then went and found my seat in the Dress Circle. I'd never seen the film, so I had no expectations of what it would be like.

My opinion of the play? I thought it was brilliant! The one minute it's funny and the next it's tear-jerking. Christian really fit in his part well. I've now seen him on both screen and stage and I have to say (and this has nothing to do with looks) he's an amazing actor. He gave the stage so much energy and I think he was born to do this type of work. We even got to see him wearing just a towel around his waist. To everyone's delight, he threw off the towel to reveal....... his underpants! We also got to hear him sing (but more about that later). The rest of the cast impressed me too, although I think Frances Barber's voice may be going due to the amount of shouting she's been doing. Still, an award-worthy performance by all, in my opinion. If you've been thinking about going, my advice would be to book those tickets now. Even I want to see it again!

After the performance, I met up with Dad in Leicester Square and headed over to our hotel to freshen up and grab a proper meal. Of course, Dad had to sample the local beer in the hotel bar while we were there. After a couple of hours at the hotel, we headed back over to the theatre for the 'Cuckoo Comedy Night', which stars the cast from the play.

Christian Slater hosted the comedy night, introducing each person on stage, but he also had his own little performace to give us. He sang a Frank Sinatra song! The rumour is that Christian is to record a whole album of songs... This is what I was going to ask him about earlier in the day.

Most of the actors in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' are actually stand-up comedians, so we had a great evening while they were up on stage. First they all did their stand-up routines, even MacKenzie Crook dressed up and did a routine, then it was all unscripted. Members of the audience were asked for subjects for them to work with. It was a great night!

We missed the last underground train to our hotel so we walked back. I must say my legs were in agony by the time we'd reached the river. (I don't think it helped that I have a tendency to walk fast). I was so glad to be able to rest my feet.

This morning we went over to Covent Garden and I had my breakfast (fruit salad and an orange, pineapple & banana smoothie) in Cafe Nero. Then we wandered around the various shops and stalls. I ended up buying little Harley a few things from the Peter Rabbit & Friends shop and stayed clear of Lush, because I knew if I went in there I'd spend a fortune!

Next up we headed over to the Cyber Candy shop and I was like a kid in a sweet shop (possibly because it is a sweet shop and I am a kid at heart!). This shop sells all kinds of candy and drinks from around the world and it smells wonderful. My main reason for going there was to get some Mountain Dew. I love that stuff and Cyber Candy is the only place that I know that sells it in the UK. I picked up a few cans, Dad passed me some sweets to take back for Mum and the lady behind the counter threw in a freebee candy called an 'Angel pie' (best described as a mini Wagonwheel minus the jam).

After that, we headed back to Euston station for lunch and then caught the train to Birmingham. From there we ended up having to catch a bus to Telford (due to 'work on the line') and then another train from there to Shrewsbury, but somehow we still managed to make it back at the time we were due to in the first place.

And that was my weekend trip to London.

If you're still awake after readin all of that....... Thanks to Ben, Mark (It's a sign of getting old!), Manu, Me, Myself & I, Sonia, Graeme, Trackie and Skye.

23rd November 2004

Tuesday - 10.45pm : Look at the time! I've only just got home from the pub, but then I didn't go out until 9.30pm. No, I'm perfectly sober as I was only drinking lemonade (So there's no excuse for any typos tonight).

I've got a new favourite song. It's called 'If I Can't Have Your Love' and has Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi fame) on vocals. It's a fantastic song - I fell in love with it when I heard it for the first time tonight. It's track 10 on CD 3 of '100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong...' boxset, which arrived in my mailbox on Monday (There's 4 CDs and a DVD in total). These are the songs that didn't make it to Bon Jovi's earlier albums, because there's only so much space on one album! I still think the songs are top notch songs and it's a definite must if you're a Bon Jovi fan. Even if you're not, I think it's a worthy buy. Hey, as Bon Jovi say '100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong'!

You know the girl who tried selling one of my James Marsters Halloween photos on Ebay, twice? Well, she's still out there, although we (some friends & I) are trying to get her account cancelled. Anyway, I've found out she's now selling CD copies of the Ghost of the Robot album, too. All she does it download stuff off the net and she either prints it out or sticks it on CD and sells it. I hope that one day something like this happens to her and then she'll know how it feels for somebody else to profit out of her own work.

Thanks for everyones kind comments on the problem. I'm sure she'll get her dues one day (and hopefully soon!). Thanks go out to Graeme, Mark, Meredith, Strizzt, Manu, Skye, Ben, Marlene, Natalie, SNiP and Angela.

18th November 2004

Thursday - 9.25pm : Exactly a week ago, I found that somebody had stolen one of my James Marsters photos and was selling it on Ebay (You may remember me writing about this last weekend). This evening, I was on Ebay and found that same person once again selling my photo. To say I was not happy is a major understatement! Did she not think I would check up on her?

Ebay were no help at all last time, so this time I contacted the seller (a friend contacted the seller last time, which resulted in her removing the photo). My message went along the lines of:

"Do you know you are infringing on copyright laws? This photo is mine and you have stolen it from my website. You previously tried to sell it and a friend of mine warned you last time. I am warning you this time. If you continue to try and sell this picture I will take legal action. I am also contacting Ebay in regards to your account. What you are doing is wrong. Please remove the photo immediately".

That wasn't too bitchy, was it? I thought I was quite restrained, considering how angry I was earlier. Anyway, I soon received an email back from the seller saying she didn't want trouble and she didn't mean to put the picture up for sale (Yeah right! I've seen the other photos she's put up). She also said I act like a real bitch and should learn to be friendly. This is coming from somebody who tries to make money out of other people's work! She asked for me to reply to her message, so I have done. This whole situation makes me wonder if I should bother putting my photos online.

Ah well.......

Driving home from work tonight was a bit of a nightmare. It had been raining all day, so water was running like a river down the steep hill that I have to drive up to get home. Once I'd tackled the hill, I then had to drive through a road that was flooded for about half a mile, which isn't all that fun in the dark! Guess what happened after the rain had stopped... It started snowing! It has stopped snowing now though and there's just a little evidence left on the car. It was too wet to stick in the first place. The weather forecast says we might get ice in the morning, so I'm not looking forward to driving down that hill on the way to work tomorrow.

Right then... Thanks to Maria, Ben, Me, Myself & I, Graeme (I've been to Melton more times this year than I've been to London!), Mark and Skye for commenting. Take care.

16th November 2004

Tuesday - 10.40pm : It's only been a couple of weeks since I was last in London, but I'll be going again at the end of the month. It'll be my 4th time this year! My reason for going this time? I'm going to see Christian Slater in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at the Gielgud Theatre. I can't wait! Finally, I'll get to see Christian Slater on stage. The reviews I've read have been great and its run has been extended, so it should be a great show. I've not seen the film, so I won't be able to compare it.

Later that evening, I'll also be going to the 'Cuckoo Comedy Night', which stars the cast of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. A lot of the cast just happen to be stand-up comics and it's all compered by Mr Slater. It's Dad's birthday a couple of days later, so he's coming down to London with me and I've bought him a ticket for the comedy show, too.

Talking of my dad... I had to give him a lift to the hospital yesterday for his appointment with his bowel specialist, and then I had my own doctors appointment later on. So a lot of yesterday was spent waiting in (believe it or not) waiting rooms! Dad's got to wait around 3 weeks for his test results and I've got to wait 6 to 8 weeks for mine. I'd complain, but his are more important than mine.

Did I tell you James Marsters is currently filming a movie? Well, he is. James' manager hasn't been giving much away, other than James stars in it and plays a loveable, loser, wannabe bankrobber. There's been no official word yet, but it looks like the movie is a TV film called 'The Pierre Jewel Heist'. Also, after seeing the new Amazon UK interview with David Boreanaz and James, it sounds like James has turned down a number of roles because they've been for vampires, demons, rock stars and drug addicts and he just wanted to play a human. (Who knew rock stars and drug addicts weren't human?!).

Anyway, it's getting late and I should get to bed, before Mika beats me to it. Thanks go to Graeme, Xtel, Mark, Trackie, Maria, Zi, Skye, Meredith and Dre.

Na night.

13th November 2004

Saturday - 10.25pm : I was going to write here earlier, but I ended up talking with Lisa on the photo. As always, it was great having a gossip with her. Plus, I now know what I'll be getting her for Christmas! I'm planning on going over to Melton to visit her before Christmas, so I definitely can't leave those presents until last minute. Hopefully, going before Christmas will mean I won't have the problems I had getting there last year between Christmas and New Years eve.

I also got to talk to my lovely American friends, Margaret and Paula today. I was around at Glyn's showing her all of the photos from the Halloween bash and we ended up talking to them both on the phone. I really miss that weekend! We got Paula to eat half a pork pie while she was here, telling her it was an English delicacy! So I've told her we'll find her something equally as "fun" to eat next time she visits... Well, it was fun watching her eat the pork pie... or "jellied pig in a muffin" as she calls it, anyway! It was great to talk to them again - It's a pity America is so far away.

Thursday night, a kind sole kindly alerted me, via the James Marsters Forum that somebody had nicked one of my James Marsters photos and was selling it on Ebay! Can you believe that? I was not happy! I don't profit from my photographs, so I certainly don't take kindly to somebody pinching my work and selling it on Ebay. The thief was selling it for $7.00 under the "Buy It Now" option and it still had my copyright mark on it. I emailed Ebay, but haven't heard anything from them. A friend sent a message to the seller and asked her a question. I haven't a clue what she said, but what ever it was it must have done the trick, because the seller has no withdrawn the photograph. I noticed the seller had taken a load of photos from various websites and was selling them as prints. I sure hope that person isn't a regular visitor to my website.

Talking about my website - I'm going to close the current guestbook very soon. It's just getting spammed and only about 1 in 10 messages are from real visitors, so I'm spending a lot of time deleting the trash. Don't worry though, it will get replaced with something and I will keep the old guestbook as an archive.

As some of you might know, Robbie Williams is a UNICEF UK Ambassador. Anyway, if you're a Robbie fan (or even if you're not) and you'd like to help UNICEF, you can now buy a pack of Christmas cards which have been created with Robbie's help. To buy them visit the UNICEF shop. I've already ordered mine!

Robbie has been voted into the new UK music Hall of Fame this week. The public voted Robbie in to be an artist to represent the 90s. I've read a couple of articles by music reporters where they've been complaining about Robbie being voted in. I know I have a slightly biased view on this matter, but you have to admit that Robbie has achieved a lot and has survived in the business for nearly a decade and a a half. How many others who were starting out at the same time as him can claim to have achieved what he has? Actually, where are a lot of the others who started out at the same time as him?

Anyway, I started this entry an hour ago, so I guess it's time to wrap it up. Thanks to Mark (Are you trying to tell me that my cat looks evil?!), Graeme, Strizzt, Manu, Sonia, Lissy and Skye.

10th November 2004

Wednesday - 8.00pm : What a week... and we're only halfway through! Monday started off with a lack of sleep and a raging toothache (which, as I'm sure you can guess, is what caused the lack of sleep). I was woken up around 4.30am by what felt like somebody trying to pull out a wisdom tooth of mine. I'm not really one for taking medication (for 2 reasons, one is because I can never swallow tablets and the other is that I'm usually sick afterwards), but I decided to raid the kitchen cupboard anyway. No painkillers in sight, at least nothing I could swallow. At 6.30am I lay with my face on a hot water bottle (I'm told heat helps) and around 8am Dad kindly went down to the shop and got some soluable painkillers. They took the edge off the pain, but that was about it. So I ended up not going into work since I didn't think I'd get much done feeling the way I did.

The upside to laying in bed with raging toothache is that I got to watch a number of episodes from the Angel season 1 DVD boxset. One of the said episodes was 'Hero', in which Doyle dies. That episode always makes me teary eyed. Doyle may have only been in Angel for just a few episodes, but he was a well loved character and I always thought it was such a pity his character made an early departure. (Some of you might remember him as Becky's husband Mark in Roseanne). It's even sadder that Glenn Quinn, who played Doyle, died of an overdose just 2 years ago.

On to happier things....... Jim Butcher's website is now showing the new cover art for the next Dresden Files book, Dead Beat. It has also been reproduced as a wallpaper, so I'm sure you can take a good guess at what's on my desktop right now! The released date for the book has also been rescheduled. I will no longer have to wait until August 2005, it is now due out in May 2005. Still a while to wait, but I have plenty to keep me busy in the mean time.

No photos from me today, sorry! But I do have news on the photography front. It's nothing definite yet, but I emailed the local college today to see when the next Creative Photography evening course is due to start. I had an email back to tell me it was starting in early December (which I think is an odd time, I was expecting the reply to be January) and there's places still available on the course. So, hopefully, my Thursday evenings will soon be taken up by a college course. So *fingers crossed* that I get on it.

I think that's about it from me for today. Thanks go out to Graeme (He's just gotten older), Opheliasmalady, Miss M, Me, Myself and I, Mark, Maria (Thank you!!!), ChattyKathy, Lissy and Sonia.

6th November 2004

Saturday - 9.25pm : I've been busy scanning in more Halloween photos tonight. Now not only is there photos of James Marsters, David Boreanaz and James & David together, but there's photos of Luke Perry, Juliet Landau and (for Graeme) Amy Acker.

Photos galore at, eh?!

It's hard to believe all this happened a week ago now. Where does time go?! I swear it goes faster the older you get.

On the subject of Buffy, Angel etc. I've ordered the Angel season 2 DVD boxset since they're still half price. Hopefully they'll stay half price until I can buy the others too.

There's so much I want to buy at the moment, but I'm trying to hold out until Christmas. I need to replace my dead DVD player, but I think I'll use the money I'll get for Christmas from my grandparents and aunty & uncle (You watch them buy me a present instead, now I've said that!). There's also a couple of books I'd like (one of which is 800 pages long, so it would keep me going quite a while!). I'd also like the latest GTA game, but I can wait for that... I think. (I don't play on the PS2 much, so I'm sure I can wait).

We rented The Ladykillers (2004) today. It was okay, but I don't think it was one of the best films Tom Hanks has been in. Tom did do a good job with his character, I just don't think the film was 'all that'. Dad thinks the original film was much better and much funnier. Although the 2004 film did get quite funny towards the end.

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night and quite enjoyed it. It's not often that you see Jim Carrey playing somebody who's not totally mad, but he seems to slip into any character with ease. Definitely an all round actor. Kate Winslett was good in it too, but then I haven't really seen her in much. I have to say, Elijah Wood looked great in the film... and I'm not really a big fan, yet.

Anyway, I'll leave you to look at those photos to look at. Thanks to Paula, Graeme, Mark, Maria, Sonia (Thank you!), Skye (At your request... more photos!), SNiP and TT (Yes, we'll definitely all have to get together between events! We'll have to sort something out).

3rd November 2004

Wednesday - 10.40pm : Must be a record - I've written here 3 days in a row!

My only reason for writing today is that I've got more photos to share with you. I have added 2 new pages to the Photography section. The first page contains photos of David Boreanaz at the Halloween event and the second page contains photos of both David Boreanaz and James Marsters. I should have some photos of the other guests scanned in nearer the end of the week.

Even though I said I only have one reason for writing here today, I feel compelled to write more... This must be why my entries seem to be getting longer and longer!

Ah well, the urge to write more has been squashed - American Pie 2 is on the telly! Catch you later!

Oh, before I go... Thanks to Graeme, Mark, Lissy, Skye, Me, Myself & I and Emma.

2nd November 2004

Tuesday - 8.45pm : Still tired! I'm thinking of having an early night tonight, otherwise I'll be falling asleep at my desk in work tomorrow. Tonight's entry will be a lot shorter than yesterday's!

No lie-in for me this morning (even though I really needed one!). I went to Shrewsbury this morning to get 7 rolls of film developed. When I went back into the shop to pick up the photos, the girl serving me began to show me the first photo of each pack. It wasn't until she got to the 3rd pack that she realised who they were of. "Is that Angel?!" Then when I pointed out James Marsters too, she got quite excited and started asking me all about the weekend.

James - Halloween 2004Anyway, I've got the photos now and I've scanned in a few of the ones of James. So if you'd like to see them you can find them here in the Photography section. I'm hoping to scan some of David Boreanaz tomorrow night and maybe some of the other guests too, if I have time.

On the subject of James Marsters....... The audiobook version (which James recorded in September) of Grave Peril is now available to pre-order on Buzzy Multimedia. 9 CDs of James Marsters' wonderful voice and Jim Butcher's brilliant work.

If all goes quiet on the blogging front with me, there will be a very good reason....... Somebody has been stealing the cast iron drain covers in our area, some have even gone from our village. So there's a possibility I could fall down a drain! If all goes quiet, send out the search parties!


10.40pm : Ooops, sorry. I had a phone call while I was writing this entry and I ended up going down to the pub with a friend for a drink. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my James Marsters pictures and let me know what you think of them. Thanks to these lovely people : Graeme, Aamah, Kim AKA Righteousharmony, Ben, Trackie, Mark (No, it wasn't photoshoped!), JIG and Daystar (We'll have to meet up again soon!).

1st November 2004

Monday - 7.45pm : I am so tired right now, so forgive me if what I write tonight makes less sense than usual. *(Warning - Long entry ahead!)*.

What a weekend!!! By Friday, I'd been down in London a couple of days already, but that's when all the fun started. After a morning trip to Covent Garden (involving stopping off at the Savoy Hotel!), we (Glyn, Margaret & I) headed back to the hotel in the Docklands to meet up with Mandy and Paula. The afternoon was kicked off with the accidental champagne shower in the hotel bedroom! (Tip: Don't take the wire off the top of the bottle before you're ready to pop the cork out!). We all sat down, chatted and had a laugh. I have to say - I love Paula's Georgia accent!

Saturday morning began with a taxi ride from the Docklands to Bethnal Green. Once there, we had to queue for a short while before we went in and found our seats. I was in the 3rd row from the front, so I had quite a good view from the stage.

First up, Mandy & I queued up to buy some of the brand new photos they'd got available. For some reason, there was 2 stalls for photos - 1 sold photos of David and the other old photos of James and the others. We queued for David's photos first, before joining the other queue which was growing rapidly. After what seemed ages of standing in the queue, Glyn came up to us and said our rows had been called for photos with James & David and she'd already had hers. Thankfully, she offered to hold our places in the queue while we rushed off to another queue.

The photograph with the boys... Talk about me spoiling an otherwise lovely photo! James greeted me first, saying "Hello! Nice to see you again. How are you?", shaking hands - the usual - and David waited until I had stood between the pair of them before doing the greeting stuff. Next thing I know, James' arm is around my waist, David is leaning in and the photographer is blinding me with his flash! I managed not to trip over on the way out (although I had visions of landing flat on my face) and then it was back to the queue to buy photos of James.

After some screenings, Jane Espenson came on stage to talk about writing episodes of Buffy and to answer questions.

Then, after a break and the official welcome (and a slight schedule change), David Boreanaz arrived on stage and delivered a terrific performance whilst answering peoples questions. He certainly raised peoples opinions of him, including mine. Put it this way, I'll never be able to think of Haagen Das ice cream in the same way again! Mmm.......

After lunch (a sandwich & a drink in the bar), James came on stage and, as usual, he couldn't stop bouncing about the place. He's always on the move, which isn't surprising considering the amount of Red Bull he drinks! (So I'm hoping I don't get a load of blurry photos). At the request of a fan, James kindly revived his part as Eeyore (from Winnie-the-Pooh), much to the delight of everyone at the event.

Next on stage was Luke Perry. Before the event, I was curious as to why Luke had been invited to the event as I don't really associate the original Buffy film with the series. Anyway, as soon as he was on stage and answering questions, I was hooked. He was very interesting to listen to and I might actually start to watch his TV/movie work now.

Amy Acker was on stage after Luke Perry. I was surprised at her being at the event since she's around 8 months pregnant. I didn't think you were allowed to fly after a certain period in pregnancy. She was sweet and just as I had expected her to be.

Next up was Juliet Landau. I hung around for part of her time on stage, but our row was called for autographs with James & David, so I missed most of it.

James was as nice as ever. Shaking hands and making sure everyone had a little time with him. I had my velcro message t-shirt on, but couldn't think of anything witty to say, so I just stuck Happy Halloween on it. James commented on it again (He saw it at The Audience - He must think I only own 1 top!). He talked and he asked what kind of messages I put on it. I told him I never know waht to say on it, so he said I should put something naughty on it. About 10 minutes later I did think of something funny and kind of naughty, but it was too late (so I guess that will have to wait until next time).

David was pretty quiet. I think he's a bit shy when it comes to 1-to-1 sessions. Maybe we all just scare him! He wasn't doing the shaking hands thing like James, but I stuck my hand out in front of him anyway and he smiled & shook it.

After some more screenings, James & David came on stage to do a joint commentary on an episode of Angel. The pair of them make quite a comedy duo up on stage. At one point I thought David was going to fall off the stage as he'd moved his chair right to the edge, until a steward told him just how close he was. I just hope something like that ends up on the Season 5 DVDs. I hadn't noticed it before, but David pointed out that James spent a considerable amount of time looking at a certain character's chest during that episode!

Next, David was supposed to provide us with a 'Horror story special', but instead he game out presents to a select group of audience members. It left quite a few people disappointed though.

The last part of the evening was James doing an acoustic performance with his guitar. Unfortunately, half way through the performance, my camera batteries decided to die. Though, it did give me a proper chance to enjoy watching James.

The clocks went back an hour overnight, so certain people (not me) ended up getting up an hour earlier than we needed to. We didn't rush to the venue yesterday as the day was looking to be a bit more laid back.

My first task of the day was to find a cash machine that actually had cash in it and to buy some batteries for my camera. After our little jaunt up a couple of streets, Mandy & I got back just as Juliet was finishing her Sunday Q & A stint on stage.

Luke came on stage again, before a writers' panel came on to discuss the scripts and fan fiction. Then it was Amy's final time on stage, before a few screenings.

I decided to nip to the toilets as according to the schedule I had time. As I was walking back to the hall, I could hear a familiar voice on stage. I rushed to the hall to find David on stage. He was saying his farewell already. Next up was James' farewell. He arrived on stage with his hands full of bunches of flowers. I think this was pretty much the saddest moment of the event. Everyone was thanked and we saw James walk off stage for the final time.

It was over... and so quickly!

I'm sorry, I must learn to shorten things! I'm sure some of you will have skipped through a lot of that. Anyway, we had a great time, but I think the worst part was having to say goodbye to everyone going their seperate ways outside the hotel this morning. Ah well... I'm getting my photos (all 7 rolls worth) developed tomorrow, so I might scan a few in for you.

Thanks go out to Graeme, Mark (Nope, not changed anything), Trackie (Thanks!), Miriam (I took lots of photos!), Sonia, Maria, Skye (I took lots of snaps - I'll see how they turn out tomorrow), Miss M, Emma (Thanks!), Natalie and Sammi.
To "x": Yes, I did listen to John Peel once in a while and if you were a regular reader you'd know that I've mentioned Stephen Duffy before (around the time of the release of Robbie's 'Radio'), so try not to act all high & mighty around here.

Argh - I need sleep!

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