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29th November 2005

Tuesday - 10.00pm : I've finally got around to buying some Christmas presents. I've presents sorted for Nan & Granddad, Lisa, Harley and Graeme, and I have around 3 weeks to get the rest. My only problem is that I haven't the foggiest what to get anyone else! Every idea I have for a present for Mum somehow gets trashed and I'm running out of ideas

I haven't recommended any websites for a while, so here goes:

Jeff Bridges - An actor I've admired for some years now. He has a great ability to play a variety of characters and I think that's what draws me to the films he's in. I've just been watching him on Inside the Actors Studio on the Performance Channel and it prompted me to point you in the direction of his website. He handwrites and illustrates it himself (so beware, parts can take a while to download if on a dial-up connection) and I've often enjoyed visiting the website and catching up on what he's up to.

Brendan Fraser - I just love the design of Brendan's ofiicial website. Once there you can find out about the man himself, about his acting work, his photography and more. Well worth a look!

Palin's Travels - This is Michael Palin's travel website. It contains a whole host of information about where he's been, what he got up to, souvenirs from his various trips and more. You can even read his books online, see route maps and videos. You could spend hours there!

Anyway, I'd best get going. I've rented Madagascar for tonight - I've wanted to see it for ages. Having seen The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper not so long ago, it's made me want to see the film even more.

Thanks to Karen, Graeme, Mandy, Liza Marie, Andrea, Mark, Marie, Nick, Katie, Simply Coll, Kati, Mamselle, Lissy and Me, Myself & I.


26th November 2005

Saturday - 8.00pm : It snowed! Well, Thursday night and yesterday morning it did. The snow is all gone now. I did manage to take a photo before I went to work yesterday though. I couldn't believe that most of the local schools were closed. If I could get to work from where I live, then 95% of teachers & children in this area could get to school. I don't know, a bit of snow and everyone panics!

I'm now hoping to go to Collectormania 9 at Milton Keynes next April/May. Both Ron Glass (Book in Firefly/Serenity) and Alan Tudyk (Wash in Firefly/Serenity) have been confirmed as guests and it would be great to meet them now I've met Nathan Fillion (Mal), Morena Baccarin (Inara), Jewel Staite (Kaylee), Sean Maher (Simon), Summer Glau (River) Christina Hendricks (Saffron) and Jonathan Woodward (Tracey). Now if only Adam Baldwin (Jayne) and Gina Torres (Zoe) could be there too!

Those of you know who I was a Take That fan as a teenager will know I was practically bouncing around the office at work on Friday. Why? Well, not only have they done a comeback with a TV documentary, DVD and CD, but they'll be touring the UK (minus Robbie, of course) next April/May! Tickets go on sale next Friday, so you can guess what I'll be trying to do that day at 9am. I'd love to see them in Manchester (which would be a "hometown" concert for them and where I went to my one and, so far, only TT concert), but Birmingham is easier for me to get to so that's where I'll be trying to get tickets for.

Once again were nice and delivered The Darkness's new album One Way Ticket To Hell And Back today (2 days before it's due to be released). Unfortunately, I've not had time to listen to it yet, but I'll let you know what I think of it just as soon as I do. Can't wait to see them in February!

Thanks for comments go to Graeme, Andrea, Old Old Lady of the Hills, Pearl, Karen, Nads, Marie, Liza Marie, Colleen, Melly, Me, Myself & I, Lisa, Strizzt and Laarni. Take care.


24th November 2005

Thursday - 9.45pm : We've got snow! Not much at the moment though. It looks like somebody has sprinkled icing sugar on a cake, at the moment. I hope we get some more in the night (not that I'm looking forward to driving in it, but it would make some nice photos).

I'm still recovering from my 4 day weekend! There's times where I'm struggling to stay awake in work and then when I get home I fall asleep on the sofa. Still, I'm missing the weekend. Kisses from Neil, whiskey from Jonathan, loads of fun with friends and lots more. It was so much fun!

SunsetTalking of my weekend... As I was on my way home on Monday, I just had to stop and take a couple of photos of the sunset. There was a few other views of the sunset as it was going down I'd have like to have taken on Monday, but there's only so many times you can ask somebody to stop the car. I wish I wasn't in work when the sun sets on weekdays.

Leo got in trouble today. He jumped up and started nibbling Dad's ham sandwich at lunchtime. And if that wasn't enough, after Dad had thrown the sandwich away and was just about to make another, he turned around to find Leo dragging the ham across the kitchen! So that was the end of Dad having a ham sandwich for lunch. He had to settle on cheese on toast in the end. Naughty Leo!

I finally watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other night. It brought back some memories. I used to love reading Roald Dahl books - He was my favourite author as a child. I always dreamt of finding a golden ticken in my bar of chocolate, but, of course, that was never going to happen! Anyway, back to the film. I loved Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka - I thought he did a great job. I'm usually a bit wary of remakes and the like, but I really enjoyed the film and thought it was fantastic. Great for kids who've not read the books and for the adults who have. Seriously, if any of you have kids (and I know one or two of you do) buy them a Roald Dahl book or two. It'll stretch their imaginations!

Talking of films, I really should get going. I've rented The Good Shepherd (starring Christian Slater) for tonight. Take care.

Thanks to Karen (I have scanned them in, but I don't know about putting them on here!), Andrea, Lisa E, Me, Myself & I, Graeme, Dawn, Liza Marie (Yes, you're right!), Marie, Sarah, Xtel, Lissy and Daystar (It was great to meet up with you again too. Can't wait until the next time!).


21st November 2005

Monday - 10.30pm : I'm back home from Serenity² and I'm so tired! I had such a great time, it's just a shame it's over so soon. I'll try my best to tell you all about it, but bare in mind I'm tired, all the days seemed to blur into each other and I had toothache for most of the weekend. Here goes...

We knew we'd have Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite, Christina Hendricks and a special guest. What we didn't know was that we'd get more than one special guest. Also in attendance was Jonathan Woodward and Morena Baccarin, as well as Neil Roberts who MC'd the event. Neil has gained a number of new fans over the weekend. He put in so much effort into the whole weekend. He partyed into the night when the other stars hadn't bothered turning up to the parties (though Jonathan apparently got lost on his way to the party on Friday night!). He danced with people, talked and was brilliant on stage. Neil had everyone in stitches. (Maybe he should give up the acting lark and do stand-up. I'd go see him!)

Over the weekend I had a few photos taken with the male guests. (I only wanted photos with the men as the girls just look too pretty!) So I had photos taken with Sean, Nathan, Jonathan and Neil. I ended up standing next to Sean for a little longer than I thought I would, because the photographer needed to put a new roll of film in. So Sean & I ended up chatting about sleep (or rather, lack of sleep), jetlag and how long he'd been over here for. Exciting conversation, eh? I'm awful at small talk! Nathan made me look short when I stood next to him. I didn't realise he was so tall until then... or maybe I'm just short?! Jonathan was late for his photo session, but Hellen & I were stood at the front of the queue anyway, so we didn't have to wait too long. When it was time for the photo shoot with Neil we ended up both wearing tops with a union jack image on, he noticed too.

Talking of Neil... You can't take some people anywhere. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) spotted Neil with a cup of coffee while we were sat in the hotel lobby. She only went and asked if she could have it! And he gave it to her! I think she was as surprised as I was. He then had to go and get another. Nice guy!

The talks/Q&A's were interesting and funny. We ended up sat near the middle and back for the talks on the Saturday, but just a few rows from the front for most of Sunday. So Sunday was when I got taking photos of the guests. You could only use flash photography for the first 5 minutes of a talk, so after that it was hit or miss as to whether a photo would be sharp or blurred. Anyway, you can find some photos of Jonathan & Neil and Jewel, Nathan, Morena and Christina in my photography section.

Sunday morning was time for communion with the Rev. Jonny Wallet (a.k.a. Jonathan Woodward!) and Neil. I'm pretty sure Jonathan had been on the whiskey before he arrived, he'd certainly been up for a large part of the night. Communion was possibly the funniest part of the weekend - It certainly wasn't your average communion! Together the pair of them are quite naughty! They were sticking their hands in each others trousers every now and then! Jonathan started it (Take a look at the photos and you should be able to find a picture of Neil's reaction). Most of us participated and went up for a swig of whiskey (though Jonathan certainly had a great deal more than a swig!) and had the Rev. Jonny Wallet cross our foreheads with whiskey (at which point he nearly poked my eye out!). We were also given a small bottle of the Rev. Jonny Wallet's "Wee Birthday Dram"! (It was Jonathan's birthday). Oh, I must thank the Rev. Jonny Wallet... That swig of whiskey put a stop to my toothache for most of the day! (So much better than struggling with pain killers!).

I had a bit of a dilema over the weekend too. The friend who I was catching a lift home with ended up having to rush up to North England this morning to tend to her mum who had had a fall. So I was looking at being such at Heathrow and having to drag a suitcase, backpack and camera bag onto buses and trains to get home. Thankfully, my lovely friend Mandy and her extremely kind husband offered to give me a lift to Telford, which was well out of their way home. (Thanks guys!).

I reached home safely and got lots of attention from Mika & Leo. I'm just so tired now. I'll sleep well tonight, but I have work tomorrow, unfortunately. I could do with a rest! Anyway, I'm bound to have forgotten something, but I'm off to bed.

Thanks to Graeme, Andrea, Miss M, Liza Marie, Karen, SNiP, Lisa E, Dawn, Marie, Mandy and Melly.

P.S. - We got to see the gag reel from the Serenity movie and I forgot to mention the snog between Nathan & Jonathan during the closing ceremony!


17th November 2005

Thursday - 10.15pm : I'm off to Heathrow tomorrow. No, I'm not flying anywhere. I'm going to Serenity 2. I've packed my suitcase, but I seem to have more in it than planned... somebody seems to want to hitch a lift! Mika seems to have made his bed in my suitcase! Anyway, this will be my last entry until I get back on Monday.

Tell me why, the day before I go away for a few days, I get a wisdom tooth cutting through and giving me jip? It's been hurting all day, so I'm hoping it'll calm down for the weekend!

I watched Bad Santa on Tuesday evening and it was brilliant! It was as if the part was made for Billy Bob Thornton. I really enjoyed it. It's definitely good for a laugh. For those John Ritter fans out there, it's a chance to catch him in one of his final films. If you're after a Christmas movie to watch, get this one... Just don't show it to the kids!

A DVD arrived in the mail today. I'd ordered Ewan McGregor's Rogue Trader a while ago and nearly forgot about it until it turned up today. So that's another DVD for me to watch sometime soon. I have seen the film before though. Ewan McGregor plays Nick Leeson, the guy who caused one of the greatest finanial distasters in the world.

Remember I mentioned Dauber Duos (inks for rubber stamping) on Tuesday? Well, I ordered a handful of them and I now have enough colours to do a tortoushell cat! They're easy to use and I think you get better results with them than an ink pad. I might take another look at the rubber stamps in the craft shop next week. It's a lovely little shop.

Anyway, I'd better get going. I have to be up early in the morning and I've still got a couple more things to do. Thanks to Liza Marie, Karen, Andrea, Nick, Graeme, Sarah and Marie.


15th November 2005

Cat StampTuesday - 10.00pm : The two cats are doing fine. Just an hour ago I found them sat next to each other on the sofa. Leo had quietly slid down next to Mika. They never fail to surprise me!

Talking of cats... I wandered into the little paper craft shop in town during my lunch break today. I love that shop, so many little delights. I ended up buying a set of 3 cat-themed rubber stamps (1 of which you can see the result of to the left). The stamps came with a kind of ink pen called Dauber Duos, which has 2 ends to it with different colours. I much prefer the pen to the pad, as you can just put the ink on the parts of the stamp that you want to, so I've ended up ordering a few different coloured ones. So that will give me something to play around with when they arrive.

While I was in town I also popped into the rental store and they finally had a few copies of Bad Santa on the shelves. So I rented it and I'm planning to watch it right after I've finished this. I like Christmas films and Billy Bob Thornton, plus I've heard good things about the film, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.

Take That's official documentary "... For The Record" is on ITV tomorrow night, so I'll be glued to the TV from 9pm tomorrow night. They seem to have been plastered all over the place today... There was a screening of the documentary in London last night and so the 4 members (minus Robbie, who was in L.A. "resting") were on the news this morning and the radio. Everywhere I've turned somebody would mention the reunion. Not that I'm complaining!

Right then, I'm going to head off and watch Bad Santa. Take care and thanks to Karen, Graeme, Marie, Andrea, Liza Marie, Me, Myself & I, Dak-ind, Evamaria, Skye, Cassie, Katie (Hot!) and Jolynn.


13th November 2005

Sunday - 3.45pm : I finally got around to watching Chocolat this morning, after it lying on my shelves unplayed for a month and a half. I'd heard many good things said about this film and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Johnny Depp may be on the cover of the DVD, but he isn't in the film a great deal, although his part is an important one in the story. (I think he's on the cover to bring people to the film). Judi Dench is also in the film and, as usual, she does a great job. Although, I'm just not used to her playing an old woman (if you know what I mean). Chocolat is well worth watching, even the lads should enjoy it.

Hmmm... Now what DVD to watch tonight... There's one or two films at the rental store that I fancy getting, but they're were out when I popped in yesterday afternoon. One of the film is Bad Santa. I love Christmas films, Billy Bob Thornton is in it and I've been told it's good. So as soon as I see a copy on the shelf, I'll grab it.

I'm actually a little disappointed in our film rental store. They've changed the layout in there yet again, but this time they seem to have got rid of the older films (ones over a year or so old). Half the shop now seems to be dedicated to games rental. I loved browsing through the older DVDs and seeing a film I might have missed when it was out new.

Leo has a bit of a photoshoot this morning. He was in my bedroom window and the light was good, so I couldn't resist taking a shot or 40! I uploaded 20 of them to my Flickr account, so feel free to click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions of the photos.

Leo the Lion Leo Close-up Leo Leo Leo Close-up
Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo
Leo Leo Leo in the window Leo Close-up Leo
Leo Leo in the window Leo Leo Leo in the window

Right then, I'd best get going. Thanks for comments to Graeme, Me, Myself & I, Sarah, Liza Marie, Marie, SNiP, Karen, Dawn, Courtney, Jean-Luc Picard and Andrea. Take care.


12th November 2005

Saturday - 8.55pm : Today has been a bit of a nostalgic day. This morning, Dad got in the attic and brought down a couple of boxes of old photos. We got sorting through them, looking for some particular photos, when I came across this one. He looks a bit Artful Dodger-ish to me, what do you think? (Click here to see a large version of the photo).

I've also gained some books from the trip to the attic. The first being Little Women by L.M. Alcott. It doesn't say what edition it is, but inside it says it was awarded to my great aunt Sally for "every possible attendance" (to school) during the year ended July 31st, 1908. My nan also received a book, in 1919, called 'Marjorie Dudingstoune' by W.F. Collier. It's a second edition from 1895. The final book is a family bible. The 1st name written inside is my great nan's and is dated 1879. I've put the 3 books in a box to keep them safe as they've all had good use out of them in their lifetime.

The CD & DVD which arrived in the mail today took me right back to my teenage years! Take That release their "ultimate collection" on CD & DVD on Monday and, as usual, Play have kindly sent them a couple of days early. It's almost 10 years since the group went their separate ways, but 4 of them (minus Robbie Williams) recorded a new song for the CD (written back in the TT days) called 'Today I've Lost You', a follow-up song to my favourite 'Back For Good'. So, of course, I skipped straight to the new song. Not surprisingly, I love it! It kind of reminds me of some of Gary Barlow's solo songs. Also on the CD is a remix of Relight My Fire, I think I prefer it to Take That's original cover of the song! Anyway, that will be released as a single in December.

I put the DVD on this afternoon. The live performance of 'Back For Good' at the Brits took me right back to 1995 when I was staying with a friend in North Yorkshire. That evening we recorded the performance on video and we must have replayed it until the video wore out! I've loved going through the music videos, live performances and other footage. I can't wait to see the 'Take That... for the Record' programme on Wednesday evening. I'm in my element this week!

Now for the recommended websites I promised you. I know some of the Scrooges out there will groan, because the first one is Christmas themed.

Santa Claus Live - You can't tell me Santa Claus doesn't exist - Just look at this website! The guy has his own webcam, live video transmission and much more. Well worth showing the kids (little and big!).

FD's Flickr Toys - If you have a Flickr account, there's plenty here to keep you entertained for a while. Turn your Flickr photos into magazine covers, movie posters, billboards, calendars and loads more. Go on, have a play!

That's all for now. I'll leave you with my thanks to Karen, Sarah, Graeme, Marie (Yes, it was The Frank Skinner Show), Dawn, Liza Marie, Melly, Andrea, Lisa E, Me, Myself & I, Nick, Katie, SNiP, Kati, Jem (Yes, I heard yesterday morning).

P.S. - I mentioned on Thursday that Lord Lichfield had had a stroke, unfortunately he died on Friday morning.


10th November 2005

Thursday - 9.20pm : The two cats are getting on well. They're playing like brothers and chasing each other around the house, playing hide & seek and generally just keeping and eye on each other. Dad had to put Leo in his carry box for 10 minutes this morning and Mika obviously felt sorry for the little fella, because he kept trying to open the carry box door for him! You'd think he'd be glad of the peace for 10 minutes. I'm so glad they're getting on well. (Now I've said that, they've just had a fight! Typical.) I'm planning on phoning Lesley at the cat rescue place to let her know how it's all going, at the weekend.

I've uploaded some more photos of Leo to my Flickr account. I am trying to get a picture of the two of them together, but they never sit together long enough for me to grab the camera or Leo walks straight up to me to inspect the camera!

Talking of photos... Lord Lichfield, one of the UK's best-known photographers, has suffered a stroke. He's a cousin to the Queen and has taken many of the royal family's official photographs, including Charles & Diana's official wedding photographs. He's worked for Vogue too. I hope he makes a full recovery.

My headaches have started again. I seem to have had them on & off all week. I haven't had any for months... Maybe it's a seasonal thing! I'll see how they are in a few weeks. I've got to see either my doctor or a nurse and have an injection around Christmas time, so if the headaches are still bothering me then I'll have a word.

It's now definitely official. Paul Blackthorne is Harry Dresden, on screen at least. James Marsters couldn't relocate to Toronto for 5 years (understandably, due to family commitments in California), but, if the movie goes to a series, Jim Butcher hopes James could be persuaded to go a guest spot as he can think of several characters James would be great for. So fingers crossed for that one! I can't wait to see how the movie/series turns out.

I should have a couple more recommended websites for you in my next entry. Beware though, they could well be Christmas-themed!

Anyway, that's all from me for tonight. Thanks to Sarah, Liza Marie, Sarah, Karen, Marie (The Wallace & Gromit films are great!), Jem (A month possibly?), Nick (Hurry up and get that website up!), Graeme (I'm just mad! Yes, that's the video) and Kati. Take care.


9th November 2005

Wednesday - 10.00pm : I've just come back from seeing Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit at the cinema. Wednesday nights are usually quite quiet at our little local cinema. Not tonight. It was nigh on full... A far cry from the last time I was there when there was just 3 of us watching the movie! Anyway, I'd definitely recommend going to see Wallace & Gromit. It's so beautifully made and the guys put so much time and energy into making the animated movie and it's all worth it. It's really funny and everyone in the cinema enjoyed themselves. There was even a short (computer) animated film, before the main feature, The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper which was brilliant and the graphics were amazing. I never got around to seeing Madagascar at the cinema, so I think I'll have to rent that one.

It looks like I'm going to have a film filled weekend, or at least that's the plan. I have a few DVDs here that I've not watched yet, such as Mindhunters, Alone in the Dark, Duel, Sling Blade, Top Gun, Chocolat and Withnail & I (of course, I've seen some of them, but I've just not watched the DVDs yet). Plus I was flicking through a movie rental magazine and spotted a few I wouldn't mind renting. I'm movie mad!

I'm also music mad. This morning, I booked my ticket to see Robbie Williams at Leeds in September 2006. I'm a member of his 'Inner Sanctum' and we were given the opportunity of pre-sale tickets 10 days before the general public. It took me ages to book the ticket, because of the amount of other people also trying to book tickets was making the server throw up error messages here and there. Still, I got it in the end.

I had planned on writing an entry here yesterday, but it was Dad's friend's funeral and by the time we got home and everything I just didn't feel like it. The funeral went as well as could be expected and the church was packed, a lot of people had to stand in the aisle. It just showed what a kind and helpful man he was.

There was a programme on BBC1 last night called 'The Last Tommy' and on it was my nan's friend 'Patch' - He's 107 years old! I can only hope I get to live to that kind of age. In the programme, he and a few others spoke of their time in World War 1. It was a living hell, but it's a subject that has interested me since I was a teenager. My Granddad (Dad's Dad) fought at the Somme and I got to go there 11 or 12 years ago with high school, but I'd love to go back one day. Anyway, if you'd like to read about Patch's experiences in WW1 you can find them over at The Last Tommy Gallery.

With thanks to Nads (Long time no drunken chat!), Marie, Liza Marie, Karen, Miss M, Andrea, Melly, Trista, Kati, Graeme, Lissy, Sueellen and Nick (You'll appreciate where you live one day).


7th November 2005

Monday - 9.15pm : It looks like Leo is here to stay! In a complete turn around of things, I got up this morning to find Mika and Leo sat side-by-side looking out through the window. They even shared a kiss in the kitchen this evening! Of course, they still have the odd spat, usually when Leo wants to play and Mika doesn't or when Mika is playing with something and Leo decides that might be fun. Still, that's all to be expected. I'm so pleased! In fact, Mika has just come to sit on my knee, so I'm definitely forgiven for bringing the furball in the house and invading his space!

Time for a recommended website or three.......

Will Young - This is Will's official website and it's recently undergone a redesign. I love the new look and there's plenty to keep a visitor busy... News, music, photos, downloads and more. Well worth taking a look.

Visit Wales - Thinking of taking a trip? Why not visit the wonderful country of Wales? I may spend my weekends trying to escape, but it's a wonderful place. We have beautiful countryside, wonderful lakes and marvelous mountains - Just the stuff for a relaxing break. I think Mid Wales is the best part of the country - It's unspoilt, has plenty of history, is full of wildlife and has some fantastic landscape. The perfect place for a holiday. (And if you do decide to venture over to my part of the world, I can recommend some places to stay and to visit).

Cats Protection - So many cats & kittens need homes and the Cats Protection need your help. Visit the website to see what you can do (or if you're a fellow cat lover from another country, see what you can do for cats in need in your area).

Anyway, Mika is lying across my arm, so it's getting quite difficult to type, so I'd best get going. Take care and thanks to Liza Marie (Can't wait to hear what you think about 'Fool Moon' when you've been through it), Graeme, Karen, FTS, Andrea, Cassie, Skye (Can't wait to see the vector!), Donatienne, Trista and Katie.


6th November 2005

Sunday - 6.45pm : We picked Leo up yesterday afternoon. I was so excited, but felt a little sad for the people who'd been fostering him at the cat rescue place as Lesley adored him. She looked upset as we left. She'd have kept him herself, but they have 17 permenant cats as well as foster cats and holiday cats. That's a lot of work, but it must be so rewarding.

When we got home, Leo took a wander around the house and did some investigating. He settled right in. Mika, on the other hand, wandered what the heck was going on and who was this furball invading his privacy! He was not happy! He wanted nothing to do with Leo, despite Leo trying his best to play with him. If Leo got too close, Mika would growl and hiss a little, but Leo was oblivious to the fuss. It wasn't looking too good for the little fella though, despite him settling in so well. Mika needs to accept him if we're to keep him.

Mika has been a little better today, although he's still not on friendly terms with Leo. Mum & Dad are convinced Mika will come around, but it's me who's not so sure... What a turn around that is! I think he will, it's just I don't want to get my hopes up too much only for them to be ripped apart. Leo is so happy and content that it would be heartbreaking if we had to give him back, but I don't want Mika to be constantly unhappy. I guess we'll soon find out which was it's going to go.

Leo is such a bubbly cat. He loves playing, having cuddles, following us around and he's just an adorable little chap. The cat rescue place think he's around 6 months old, but he looks bigger. Obviously, the amount of fur he's got makes him look bigger than he is, but apparently he's crossed with a Maine Coon so it looks like he's going to turn out to be quite a hefty cat! He's already got big paws - I'd say they're as big as Mika's!

(Click here for more photos of Leo).

Thanks for comments go out to Kati, Liza Marie (Are you going to go on to 'Fool Moon' now?), Andrea, Karen, Graeme, Lissy, Katie, Jem, Dawn and Mandy.


3rd November 2005

Thursday - 10.30pm : Remember when I found that lost kitten back in September? Well, a man from the cat rescue place popped into work today and told me they've still not managed to rehome him. I haven't a clue why, he's such a lovely cat. I'm still trying to persuade my parents Mika would like a friend (he always miaows a lot when next door's cat Ginger disappears back into his own garden), but I'm not having much luck! The rescue place have named the little fellow Leo. I think the name suits him as his fur looks a bit lion-like. He's so adorable, I want to bring him home!

[Edit: I don't believe it! My parents have just come to me and said we can foster him on a trial basis and see how he & Mika get along. I never thought that would happen! So we're going to phone the rescue people tomorrow so they can bring him for a visit. I hope all goes well!]

Harry Dresden has now been cast! Unfortunately, it isn't my favourite, James Marsters. It's an English guy called Paul Blackthorne. I'm not too disappointed actually. I think his look suits the part and he's the right height, so it will be interesting to see how he portrays Harry on screen. Still, I hope James continues to do the Dresden Files audiobooks.

[Another Edit: Jim Butcher says to take the news with a pinch of salt. I'm not sure where Steve Himber (James's manager) gets his news from, but apparently it's not official yet.]

I've been out this evening. I helped Sarah with her computer and then we headed to the pub for a good old catch up. She only lives down the village, but we'd not seen each other for ages. We've grown up together from knee-high to a grasshopper to our mid-twenties and we're still friends. Unfortunately, there's not many people I can say I've known that long and am still in contact with, despite living in the same village all my life. Poor Sarah, she's still not got rid of me!

Thanks for comments go out to Karen, Liza Marie, Lisa E, Andrea, Sueellen, Me, Myself & I, Kati and Graeme.


2nd November 2005

Wednesday - 9.15pm : October's entries have now been archived. I'm not to sure if anyone ever reads archived entries (though I do know one or two people have found my website through the archives), but they're there for my records anyway.

One thing I didn't mention in Monday's entry is that we received some bad news the evening before we set off to London. A friend of the family (who had also been a school friend of Dad's) had suddenly died that morning and I'd taken the phone call, so I had to break the news to my parents. John had been a fit man all his life, so Dad was shocked, we all were, but Dad had known him all his life. You really don't know what's around the corner, do you?

The Darkness had a pre-sale for tickets to their February 2006 tour today. You could only get the tickets between 1 - 4pm today and I only found out because I was listening to Radio 1 when they announced it. Luckily, I managed to score myself a ticket to the Birmingham gig and I can't wait! I've seen them around 5 times already (my photos from the last time I saw them can be found here) and I'm hoping to take more photos this time around. The rest of the tickets will go on sale 11th November.

Robbie Williams will announce his tour next week and I definitely want a ticket for that! I haven't missed a Robbie tour yet and I don't plan on missing this next one. Mark Owen is touring in December, but I'm still thinking about that one. I just seem to be spending money left, right & centre at the moment.

I've had Al Britten's music stuck in my head for days now, so I think you guys should all check him out. I've not downloaded any songs from his website, but his EP has been going round and round in my car's CD player all week and there's only a handful of songs on it! (That's probably the reson why the songs are stuck in my head, but I'm hooked!).

Anyway, I'm off to watch a film. Take care and thanks to Lisa E, Graeme (Not when you're doing a gig), Daystar, Karen, Mark, Cryssie, Liza Marie, Lissy, Skye and Nick.