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30th September 2005

Friday - 10.30pm : Our mailman must think Christmas has arrived early in this household. In the past couple of days he's had to deliver 4 DVDs, a CD, a book and some craft things. Plenty to keep me occupied for a while!

What DVDs did I get? I got the classic 80's film Top Gun (Special Edition, 2 disc set), Chocolat (Can you believe I've not seen that yet?!), Robots (I've not grown out of kids films yet!) and Sling Blade (Special Edition, 2 disc set).

Sling Blade is the film that first got me interested in Billy Bob Thornton. Not only did he play the part of a simple man called Karl, but he also wrote and directed the film, and what a brilliant film it is! If you've never seen Sling Blade, I'd definitely recommend it. I watched a couple of hours worth of the bonus features last night and I only switched the DVD play off because it was getting tired and I was dropping off.

I'm watching a TV programme called Rock School, it's basically a reality show based on School of Rock and with Gene Simmons instead of Jack Black. My kind of music class! School was never that fun when I was there. Though I must admit to giggling at my old guitar teacher when he'd headbang while playing us a song, he's definitely an old rocker! Nice bloke though.

(It's taking me ages to write this tonight. The reason? The cat is lying across me. Just as long as HE is comfortable, you know?!

I've got to go to Shrewsbury tomorrow. I need some new shoes, a couple of cards and maybe a birthday present for my brother. I say "maybe" because all I got from him on my 25th birthday was a text message to say "Happy Birthday!", not even a card! Saying that, last years was over a month late, so I wasn't too surprised. I was going to say I might rent a DVD, but I think I've got enough here already!

Thanks to Mark, Melly (Yes, Leicester is in Leicestershire), Andrea (The wonders of the English language!), SNiP, Karen, Me, Myself & I, Graeme, Lissy, Vera, Xtel, Katie, Ghrecena, Skye, Robin and Mandy.


27th September 2005

Tuesday - 10.00pm : I can't believe it's gone cold all of a sudden. This time last week it was nice and warm here. Now I'm sat clutching a hot water bottle! Have we skipped autumn? I'm still waiting for the leaves to change through those wonderful colours so I can take some photos.

Talking of photos... I took a few bags of stuff down to the recycling bins after work and decided to take a little walk around the village with my camera. So I've uploaded around 14 photos to my Flickr account - Mainly of the sky and my neighbour's cat!

I've just thought... I think I forgot to mention that I submitted my Firey Sky photo to Enchanted Ceiling. Anyway, they accepted it and you can now see my own "enchanted ceiling" here. A friend told me she could easily imagine seeing the silhouette of a giraffe or elephant in the picture, so when I've got a spare moment I may just create that silhouette and see what it looks like!

Now for a little lesson in pronouncing English town names (as requested by Andrea!)... Nuneaton is pronounced as you'd expect it to be - "Nun-eat-ton". Leicester is one that could easily throw off people as it is pronounced "Lester". (Melly... Leicester is a city, where as Leicestershire is a county). Now, please don't ask me for a lesson on pronouncing Welsh town names... That's a whole other ball game!

Thanks to Karen, Graeme, Lisa, Katie, Andrea, Melly, Me, Myself and I and Mandy.


25th September 2005

Sunday - 9.35pm : I'm home! I'm back from my weekend trip to Melton. When I arrived in Melton late Saturday morning I caught up with Graeme for a bit of a catch up and to give him his birthday present and card (Unfortunately it wasn't a lapdance like he was hoping for!). It's his birthday tomorrow and he's getting on a bit (Pipe & slippers time soon).

The rest of the weekend was spent with Lisa and Harley. I spent time playing with Harley and having a good old natter with Lisa, setting the world to rights and having a good old moan about things over a bottle of wine. The wine made us sleepy, so we both ended up in bed earlier than what is normal for either of us on a Saturday night. Thing is we then spent more than an hour talking about this, that and everything before finally deciding maybe it was really time for some sleep.

I ended up having to leave Melton a little earlier than planned today, due to my lift home falling through. So instead of going home around 6.30pm as planned, I had to catch the 2.15pm train home.

Luckily, I had enough time to have Sunday lunch at Lisa's nans and she does a roast just how I like it - with lots of gravy!

The first train I had to catch was already late when I got on it, it was crowded too. Somewhere between Leicester and Nuneaton our train ground to a halt and didn't move for 10-15 minutes. When we finally got going again we were told that it had been because of children playing on the tracks. Have they no sense? Haven't they seen the infomercials on the TV showing the dangers of playing on train tracks? Stupid kids. With a couple of minutes to spare, I managed to make my connection and catch the second train of my journey. The train got into town at 6pm and I made it home just 2 laps into the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix.

I missed the excitement of the 1st lap... Coulthard and the 2 Williams cars had a coming together and didn't even make it into the 1st corner! Montoya and Riakkonen finished 1st & 2nd, pulling off the first McLaren 1-2 finish in 5 years and pushing the team ahead of the Renault team in the Team Championship. The victory was bittersweet though... Alonso grabbed not only 3rd place, but he also grabbed the F1 Driver's World Championship title. He's now the youngest world champion in F1 history! He's a talented driver and certainly deserves the title, but being a McLaren fan I just wish it had been Riakkonen who had won the title... Still, there's always next year! Now there's just 2 races left for McLaren to take that title.

Before I go, I've uploaded some photos from the weekend to my Flickr account. Happy Birthday to Graeme for tomorrow. Thanks for comments go to Graeme, Liza Marie, Andrea, Karen, Melly, Nick, Robin, Miss M, Skye, Mandy, Katie and Lissy.


22nd September 2005

Thursday - 9.25pm : No trips to casualty tonight! No nose bleeds either, thankfully. For those of you who asked, the nurse thought it was probably the motion of me jerking my head back so quickly that set off the massive nose bleed. I'm going to book an appointment with my doctor at some point, just in case.

I went to the cinema last night and saw The Dukes of Hazzard. It's brilliant! I can remember the original TV show and thought they'd managed to keep the look and feel of that. I'm a fan of Seann William Scott, I'll watch pretty much anything he's in. I thought he and Johnny Knoxville were the perfect pair to play Bo and Luke Duke. The film has such a great cast, not only is there Seann and Johnny, but it also includes Burt Reynolds (who starred in a favourite film series of mine... Smokey & The Bandit) and Willie Nelson. I think it's a great movie, whether you've seen the original TV show or not. Definiately one to watch! Oh, and if you do go and see it at the cinema, make sure you stay through the credits - they show some outtakes!

I'm going to London in 5 weeks (again!). Dad has booked us tickets to go on the London Eye (so no backing out of it this time) and we'll be going on it in the evening, so we can see the city all lit up. The main reason for the trip to London is to see... wait for it... James Marsters! I'm going to meet up with a few friends and see him do a concert at St. James's Church in Piccadilly on the Friday evening and then on the Saturday evening I'll be seeing his 'Words & Music' performance at the Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars. Other plans while I'm down there for a few days? Well, I'm hoping to visit a couple of my favourite shops, Cyber Candy (Heaven on Earth!) and Lush. Visiting Covent Garden is also a must, but I haven't a clue what else we'll get up to.

Well, I think that's just about it from me tonight. If there's nothing here from me tomorrow night, there probably won't be a new entry here until Sunday evening when I get home from Melton.

Thanks to Lisa, Mark, Karen, Andera, Liza Marie, Lissy (Yes, casualty = ER), Melly (If it's out of hours, then you have to go to another town!), Nick, SNiP, Mandy (o, I didn't hit my head), Jem, Robin and Katie.


20th September 2005

Tuesday - 8.25pm : Well, this evening has been... eventful. After a brief encounter with Mika's paw, I ended up in casualty! No, I'm not joking! When he decided to take a swipe at my face I jerked my head back and the next thing I know my nose is bleeding. It wasn't until I got to the bathroom that I realised just how much! I'd got blood all over my hands, splattered on my arms, down my face and whilst trying to get a towel I managed to splatter the carpet and the wash basket in blood too. It looked like I'd murdered somebody or something!

Our neighbour (who used to be a nurse) came around and ended up pinching the top of my nose and helping me hold an icepack (e.g. a bag of frozen peas!) to my face. I don't know how long I sat like that for, but the bleeding didn't seem like it was going to stop. So I had to make my first trip to casualty (never been before). As luck had it, it was actually open (they close at 8pm).

So a casualty trip later and here I am. My nose did start bleeding again around half an hour ago, but it seems okay at the moment. I feel a bit light-headed, but I'll be okay. I just hope the blood will come out of everything!

Anyway, on to nicer things...

I've booked my Golden Circle ticket to see Bon Jovi in Manchester next June! Can't wait! Bon Jovi are always brilliant on stage and they usually have good support acts too. Lisa's brother Paul, his girlfriend and friend are going too, so the plan is to meet up with them.

Talking of Lisa... I'm going to Melton to see her this weekend. I think she could do with some cheering up, so we're going to have some wine and a good time. Also, it's Graeme's birthday next week, so I'm hoping to take his present over while I'm there too.

One more thing before I go... I've uploaded a couple of new photos to my Flickr account. Both pictures are of this evening's sunset.

Anyway, thanks to Lisa, Graeme, Karen, Mark, Andrea, Ghracena, Skye, Nick, Melly, Me, Myself & I, Liza Marie, Mandy, Katie (I tend to listen to new CDs over and over again!) and Robin.

P.S. - I'll tell you about the 2 movies I watched on Sunday another time.


17th September 2005

Saturday - 9.35pm : Bon Jovi's new album arrived in the mail today, despite not being due out until Monday (Thank you Play). I chose the Limited Edition version that comes with a bonus DVD, but I've not watched the yet. I have, however, listened to the CD a few times and I love it.

I first heard the title track, Have A Nice Day, back in July when they first played it at Live 8. It's a great song to start the album with and it's also the first single from the album. A couple of my favourite tracks on the album are 'Who Says You Can't Go Home' and 'Story Of My Life' - they are the ones that I really wanted to single along to straight away. Actually, the bonus track 'Unbreakable' is a favourite too! It has 14 tracks (2 of which are bonus tracks) of unmistakable Bon Jovi songs. Well worth getting!

I popped into town earlier to get some credit for my phone and to see if anything caught my eye in Choices. I ended up renting Paparazzi (which was recommended to me by a friend) and The Final Cut (I was tempted by Robin Williams), both of which I'll watch sometime tomorrow. So I may have a couple of movie reviews for you tomorrow night.

I walked through WHSmiths to pick up a couple of magazines and ended up looking at the CDs and DVDs on sale. Yes, you've got it... I bought Jon Bon Jovi's Destination Anywhere DVD, a Johnny Cash DVD (for Dad) and Dido's 'Life For Rent' CD. I made sure I didn't go in any other shops just in case I felt like buying anything else. I'm already on a tight budget, what with 2 trips to London within the next couple of months.

I'm going to the Serenity event in London! A few months back a friend told me she'd got a spare ticket for the Serenity convention in November. I couldn't make up my mind (due to various reasons) and told her to let me know if she'd still got the ticket nearer the time. Well, she's still got the ticket and I said I'd go. So it's going to be me, the girls and the lovely Nathan Fillion (well, and a few other people, but I'm just counting the important people here!)

I caught the premier of the video for Robbie Williams' new single 'Tripping' last night. Whilst the song may be growing on me, I doubt the video ever will. Robbie what are you on?! Of course, this won't stop me buying the single and the album. It's just that I'm not so keen on 'Tripping'.

Thanks go out to Graeme, Ghracena, Liza Marie (Yes, I did post mine, but I've not heard from them yet), Andrea, Karen, Xtel, Mandy, Robin, Nick and Sueellen.

P.S. - My neighbour is back at home now resting.


14th September 2005

Wednesday - 9.00pm : I looked out through the window on Monday evening to see a beautiful sky, so, me being me, I grabbed my digital camera and took a shot. (You can find a larger version of the photo here). I was hoping to take a photo of the moon tonight, but it's hiding behind the trees at the moment.

Today's recommended link is somewhat related to my sky picture. I only found the website today, but Enchanted Ceiling is well worth a visit. It might even inspire you to take some photographs. It's a website holding photos of skies posted by people all around the world. I don't know about you, but I love to see pictures of the sky above us and it's wonderful views.

I've done my good deed for today. I looked out through the window early on this afternoon to find an ambulance pulling up outside our driveway. It turns out my next door neighbour had got chest pains (suspected heart attack). So just before they left I popped over to ask his wife if there was anything she needed doing. All 3 of their cats were out, so I agreed to let them in when they came home. I got the 1st one in not long after the ambulance left, the 2nd one in a couple of hours later and the 3rd one was waiting on the driveway when I popped out to meet her back from the hospital. She's had to go back to the hospital with a few things for her husband (as it was all rush when the ambulance was here), but all being well he should be home tomorrow. I guess it all depends how the tests goes.

Thanks for comments go out to Graeme, SNiP, Miss M, Katie (Would you believe the photo of the stray cat was taken with my mobile phone?!), Ghracena, Karen, Melly, Nick, Kati, Andrea, Robin (I know what you mean), Danielle, Claudia, Lisa E and Mandy (I'm so sorry to hear that). Take care.


12th September 2005

Monday - 7.25pm : I fell in love this morning...

We found a kitten (around 6 months old) hanging around the back of work during our morning break. Despite his miaowing and wanting attention we decided to leave him be and see if he was still there at lunch. Not long later he was around the front of the building, still miaowing and trying to get in. He'd got a collar on, but looked a little bedraggled, so we put out a drink for him and phoned the Cats Protection League. We thought we'd better bring him in too, we didn't want him getting injured on the road, not that he seemed to be venturing very far from the building anyway.

The kitten stayed with us all day as we waited for the CPL to pick him up. Of course, me being such a lover of cats, I took every opportunity to make a trip (to get a drink etc) downstairs to reception where the little furball was. He spent most of his time on the sofa or having a drink. I think I probably paid the most attention to him, which probably wasn't the best of ideas because later on in the afternoon he would try and follow me if I passed through reception or he would climb up the stairs and walk past my desk. I'd only know he was there because of the bell on his collar and the occasional miaow.

When the receptionists had finished their work, I offered to wait in reception for the CPL people who were running late, despite having finished work myself. Around 5.15pm they turned up to collect my new little furry friend. It was sad to see him go in a way (I get attached too easily!), but I hope he'll be going to a new family who'll care for him and treat him like the precious little creature he is.

I have been trying to persuade my parents that Mika could do with a little friend, but I'm not getting very far!

Thanks to Karen, Graeme, SNiP, Andrea, Lisa E, Melly, Nick and Mandy.


11th September 2005

Sunday - 9.25pm : I'm afraid I don't have any photos to show you from my weekend away, because I didn't go in the end. Why? Because I felt really rough yesterday. I hate to let my friends down, but I just didn't feel like I could go feeling like I did. I have a perfectly good reason for arranging another visit though - It's Graeme's birthday soon and I have his birthday present here for him!

I felt a little better today, so I went for a walk with Mum. Of course, I took my camera with me and took a few shots of the countryside. They're not very exciting, but you can find them at my Flickr account. (I'd have prefered to have been able to show you photos of Lisa, Graeme, Stu & I, but maybe another time!)

The F1 Belgium Grand Prix was good today - It's always an eventful race. I was happy that Kimi Raikkonen won the race, but annoyed when Pizzonia knocked Juan Pablo Montoya, preventing the McLaren 1-2 finish we really needed. Unfortunately David Coulthard's engine blew up so he couldn't finish the race, but Jenson Button raced home in 3rd, which was nice to see.

Anyway, just a short entry tonight. Thanks to Karen, Graeme, Lisa, Strizzt, Melly, Ghracena, SNiP and Andrea.


9th September 2005

Friday - 10.10pm : I'm nearly ready, I just have to put my stuff in a bag. I'm off to Melton tomorrow to see Lisa, Stu (who's visiting Lisa too!) and Gra. I'm back Sunday. I'm meeting Lisa & Stu at the train station and spending a few hours with them, before meeting up with Gra when he finishes work after lunch. I'm taking my Firefly DVDs, so Gra & I are going to watch a few episodes and then meet back up with Lisa & Stu for a few drinks or so. Sunday is the F1 Belgium Grand Prix, so we'll be watching that before I make my way home. Should be a good weekend! I'll be taking my camera, so there might just be some photos to show when I get back.

I haven't been mistaken for a schoolgirl since Wednesday, but then we popped into the town centre today and yesterday instead. Just as long as we don't get told off for skiving by a truancy officer or policeman... that would be even more embarrassing! (Read Wednesday's entry if you missed that one).

Today's recommended link is for those of you who like to travel. BootsnAll Travel Network is billed as "The ultimate resource for the independent traveller" and that pretty much sums it up. One day I'll forfill my dream and actually go travelling, but in the mean time this website is wonderful. It holds peoples travelling stories, journals, advice and recommendations. You can ask questions, find reviews, links and help with finding things to do within your budget. It's a huge website and there's plenty to keep anyone busy for a while.

Anyway, I guess I'd better make sure I've got everything ready as I don't want to be rushing around in the morning. With thanks to Graeme, Danielle, Ghracena, SNiP, Lisa E, Andrea, Karen, Nick (The anti-wrinkle cream is obviously doing it's job!), Me, Myself & I, Enigma, Melly, Mandy, Katie, Xtel, Mark and Robin. Have a good weekend!


7th September 2005

Wednesday - 9.45pm : I had a bit of a laugh during my lunch break today. After we'd eaten our lunch, a friend and I decided to take a walk down to the shop opposite the high school. Outside the school were a couple of teachers talking to a gang of teenagers and they watched us walking to the shop. We joked about our work t-shirts looking like the school uniform now (e.g. navy).

Anyway, on the way back from the shop I glanced over and the teachers were watching us again. The next thing we know a teacher is shouting "Girls!... Girls! Excuse me!". I said to my friend that I thought the teacher was talking to us and she thought I was joking, until the teacher called again. We looked over and she shouted for us to go to her. She thought we were school kids! So we went over and tried not to laugh too much. When she was within a few metres of us she noticed the logos on our t-shirts and started apologising. I laughed and told her I'd not been in school for about 8 years, so I guess it was a compliment. Imagine being caught skiving 8 years after you left school!

I was hoping to have a couple of recommended links here today. I don't, but never fear, I do have one recommended link...

InstantCoffee Fonts is a fonts website by CoffeeCup. The best thing about it is that not only are the fonts free, but there isn't all the usual popup windows and banners. They've got a nice selection and there's plenty to choose from. So this is the website I'd recommend if you were looking for some nice fonts to use when designing, well, anything.

I'm sure I had more to say here, but once again my memory fails me. I guess it couldn't have been that important! Anyway, thanks to Andrea, Karen, Lisa E, Melly, Lissy, Nick, SNiP, Graeme, Enigma, Ghracena and Mandy.


5th September 2005

Monday - 11.30pm : This evening didn't go quite as I'd planned it...

Shortly after 9pm I settled in a hot bath, hoping to feel better. Just minutes later the peace is shattered and chaos begins. Mika, the scaredy cat, had managed to pull the handle down on the door and quietly venture out into the big wide world on his own. We don't know how long the door had been open or where he had gone. So we looked everwhere - under cars, the shed, bushes, the field, and there was no sign of the little Houdini. Most people wouldn't be worried by a cat disappearing for a while, but this isn't your average cat (looks can deceive!) and he's not street savvy.

About an hour ago the wanderer returned, with wet feet. He must have been hiding in the field the whole time. He gave me a look that said he wouldn't be doing it again anytime soon. He's such a character, but he doesn't half test your patience sometimes!

I'm glad you all seemed to like the 2 recommended websites yesterday. I'll sort some more out for you either tomorrow or later on in the week. Let me know if any of you signed up to Shutterbook and I'll add you as a friend, though Flickr will still be my main base for storing photos.

I actually did watch The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy last night and I enjoyed it! I thought Sam Rockwell was brilliant and quite zaney as Zaphod Beeblebrox and provided quite a few laughs. Martin Freeman was just how I thought Arthur Dent should be. There's just so many great names to mention... Warwick Davis (Marvin - some of you might remember Warwick as Willow), Alan Rickman (Marvin's voice), Mos Def (Ford Prefect), Stephen Fry (The Guide) and Bill Nighy (Slartibartfast) to name just a few. Definitely worth watching! I've already watched most of the special features that came on the DVDs.

Robbie Williams' new single had it's first airplay on Radio 1 this morning. When I first heard it I had to wonder what Robbie was on, but it's definately growing on me now. I was like this with Radio - It didn't really grab me at first and I thought it was a little weird (the video certainly is!). Now each and every time I hear Tripping it definitely grows on me, I like it more and more with each listen. For some reason it reminds me of UB40! If you'd like to hear it for yourself you can find it on .

Anyway, I really should get to bed. It's late and I didn't get much sleep last night. Thanks to Lisa E, Karen, Andrea, Graeme, Me, Myself & I, Ghracena, Katie, Melly, SNiP, Jaki, Kati, Katie and Jem.


4th September 2005

Sunday - 4.25pm : The weekend is nearly over and I've still not got around to watching The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Hopefully I'll watch it later on tonight, but then knowing me I'll get stuck into something else.

I thought I'd recommend a couple of websites to you today. Most of you will know I use Flickr to host some photos, but the first recommended website is an alternative...

Shutterbook is currently in beta mode and all beta testers will receive Premium accounts and, after the official launch, will be able to keep their Premium accounts at no additional charge. Premium account holders can store up to 20,000 photos! You can even have a blog there too. Certainly worth checking out.

Colourlovers - Having problems choosing colours for your web work? Then this could be a website for you. My favourite part of the website is the Palettes section, where you can see lots of indiviual palattes of colours helping you choose a great colour scheme. You can also join in and submit your own colours and palettes.

So there you go. Let me know if you end up using either website.

I certainly did my fair share of shouting at the TV during today's F1 Italian Grand Prix. Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren) started 11th on the grid (despite being fastest in qualifying - penalised for an engine change) and could have finished on the podium, but luck certainly wasn't on his side this weekend (just like it hasn't been for most of this season!).

After making his way through the pack on a one-stop strategy and with a stop in hand over the two-stoppers in front of him it looked like he might have been able to catch Alonso (Renault) in 2nd place. Then Kimi's left-rear tyre started delaminating, forcing him into the pits once more and back down the field, making him do the work all over again. That didn't stop him working his way back up to 4th, it even looked like he could snatch 3rd from Fisichella (Renault), that was until he spun off and stuck his rear tyres in the gravel. Thankfully he got going again and raced home in to 4th place, but that's little consolidation when Alonso finished in 2nd.

On a brighter note - Juan Pablo Montoya (McLaren) won the race, but even that was looking doubtful towards the end of the race. With just laps to go, Montoya suffered the same problem with a rear tyre as Kimi did. McLaren decided to risk it and left him out on track. The risk paid off and McLaren are now only 8 points behind Renault in the Constructors Championship.

With thanks to Karen, Lisa E, Kati, Graeme, Katie (I'm not sure if the game follows the book or not, I've never actually read the book), Andrea, Melly and Stephen (Yeah, I played the game on there a while back!).


3rd September 2005

Saturday - 11.35am : Mum has had a cold for the past week and a half, I mistakingly thought I'd escaped it. Unfortunately, not. It creeped up on me in the latter part of this week. Colds always start off my headaches too. I'm not feeling too bad today though. I've taken some throat syrup and that has eased my throat, though I'm still a bit croaky.

Dad comes home from the Isle of Man tonight. I've got to pick up him from the train station around 9.30pm. He has been marshalling at the Manx Grand Prix for the past week. He missed going over for the TT Races this year, so I'm glad he got to go to the Manx, even if it wasn't on his motorbike as planned.

I won't be popping to town to rent any DVDs this weekend (Shocking, I know!). Instead I'll be watching The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. My limited edition boxset (including 2 disc DVD, film edition novel and 6 exclusive artcards) arrived in the mail today, despite not being due out until Monday. So I've plenty to keep me busy this weekend!

My introduction to The Hitchhikers Guide was in the late 80s. My parents had bought a second-hand Commodore 64. Along with the C64 came a load of games, one of which was The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy text adventure game. I loved text adventure games (especially Infocom ones), even if I rarely completed them. You had to use your imagination, something which a lot of todays kids seem to lack.

I'm just watching the F1 qualifying from Italy (which is why it's taking me so long to write this). Unfortunately, there was bad news before it started. Kimi Raikkonen's engine has had to be replaced, which will cause him to drop 10 places down the grid from wherever he qualifies. He needs to win the race, which is somewhat difficult to do when you have to pass a whole load of other people in order to do so. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of shouting at the TV during tomorrows race!

Right then, I'm off to see Kimi's flying lap. Thanks to Me, Myself & I, Karen, Andrea, Xtel, Strizzt, Graeme, Enigma, Liza Marie, Ghracena, Skye, Maria and Mandy.


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