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Fool Moon (Book Two of the Dresden Files)
Written by Jim Butcher

Chicago's investigating wizard, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, is back. (See the Storm Front review if you haven't read the 1st book).

Business has been pretty much dead since a bout of bad press after his previous case helping out Chigaco PD, but once again, Murphy needs Harry's help. A brutally mutilated corpse has been found. That, along with some strange-looking paw prints and a full moon, leads Murphy to believe she can't crack this one alone, despite not entirely trusting Harry these days.

In Fool Moon, Harry finds himself in a world of werewolves, trigger-happy FBI agents, shapeshifters and a certain crime lord. He and Murphy have to learn to trust each other again in order to survive and to crack the case.

Once again, Bob (the spirit living in a human skull in Harry's basement) provides the wizard with expert knowledge, though Harry has to bribe him with smutty romance novels to get it. But that's not the only romance in the book...

Fool Moon continues my love for this memorable character. Jim Butcher makes Harry a flawed and unpredictable, but honourable, honest and interesting character. He explains the how's & why's of Harry's craft and powers, as well as its limitations. This, along with the fantastic storylines and ticks of humour, is what keeps readers delving through the pages.


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