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Grave Peril (Book Three of the Dresden Files)
Written by Jim Butcher

Harry (Dresden, that is) is back again for the third book in the series. (See the Storm Front and Fool Moon reviews if you haven't read the first two books).

Grave Peril sees Harry facing tormented, violent and deadly ghosts. This time Chigaco's investigative wizard has the help of Michael, a Knight of the Cross. Once again, Bob the spirit in a skull helps out with expert knowledge, but that doesn't stop Harry from getting into trouble with creatures from the Nevernever, blood-thirsty vampires and Michael's wife, Charity. Even falling asleep is dangerous these days!

This was the first Jim Butcher book I'd actually read. I'd listened to the first two books, Storm Front and Fool Moon, being read by James Marsters on audio-book format. The story reels you in and you almost feel like you're there, in this world of wizards, vampires, ghosts, faeries and other deathly creatures. You read as Harry's day goes from bad to worse and beyond, but he manages to bounce back somehow, even with his sense of humour intact.

Because of the way the author writes, I feel that you can jump in to any one of the Dresden Files books and you'll know what is going on. You are given an idea of what has gone on in the previous books - I think this is helpful for both a reader who is new to the series and to somebody who's an avid fan, it helps to jog the memory.


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