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Kev Orkian
Support act for Joe Pasquale on 21st April 2004 at Theatr Hafren.

I had a great time! Joe arrived on stage and began singing Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" song, complete with leather trousers and a wig (as a disguise), but with Joe's voice it's hard to disguise one's self! Joe did a bit of stand-up comedy before handing us over to his support act, Kev Orkian, introduced as an illegal immigrant who'd hidden in Joe's van after a trip to France!

Kev may have been the support act, but I (and I'm sure most of the audience) could have watched him do a whole show. He was fantastic! He's an extremely talented pianist, singer and comedian, and he certainly fooled me into thinking he was foreign. After making us laugh and laugh, this man sat down at his piano (and gaves us some more laughs) then proceded to play without any music sheets. I'm not talking simple songs here, I'm talking complex songs. This man was born to play. He sang too. My favourite was his version of an Elton John song... I'd describe it, but you'd have to have been there. So if you want entertainment, make sure you go & see Kev Orkian.

Oh, Joe Pasquale was good too, it's just that you don't often see such good support acts. Kev has got a new fan... and even my dad is rating him up there with the top funny men!


Kev Orkian - Kev's official website.
Theatr Hafren - The local theatre.

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